Seven Layer Burrito

Here's a lame little thingy I found. Go diving in the depths of the puddle that is me, and I'll return the favor :)

— Name: Jessica (der)
— Birth date: Sept. 8
— Birthplace: Dallas, TX
— Current Location: Seattle
— Eye Color: Blue
— Hair Color: Black, brown and “eggplant”
— Height: 5'3″
— Righty or Lefty: Righty
— Zodiac Sign: Virgo

— Your heritage: Irish and Italian mostly. Whitey McWhitegirl.
— The shoes you wore today: My MaryJanes from Payless.
— Your weakness: Countless and too painful to list.
— Your fears: Elevators. Death. People hating me. Exposing myself for the paranoid motherfucker that I am, apparently.
— Your perfect pizza: Pineapple, mushrooms and jalapenos. Yes, all on the same pizza.
—Goal you’d like to achieve: Make a living making movies. When I type that out it looks rather rediculously impossible.


— Your most overused phrase on AIM: Well, I don't really use it anymore since it's not allowed at work. So I don't know. BFF?
— Your first waking thoughts: I hate this.
— Your best physical feature: My eyes, I think. When my tits are sagging and I'm covered in stretch marks and spider veins, my eyes will still look the same.
— Your most missed memory: Believing in democracy.

— Pepsi or Coke: Coke.
— McDonald’s or Burger King: Taco Bell!
— Single or group dates: Well, I like hanging out in groups, but that's not really a date. It's not a date unless the possibility of getting laid is there.
— Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Hot Red Rose.
— Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate.
— Cappuccino or coffee: Coffee

— Smoke: The ganga occasionally.
— Cuss: Like a fishwife.
— Sing: Much to the dismay of everyone else.
— Take a shower everyday: God yes.
— Do you think you’ve been in love: A few times, yes.
— Want to go to college: Twice is probably enough. Though I really miss the student lifestyle.
— Liked high school: Not one bit.
— Want to get married: Naw.
— Believe in yourself: I am Jack's self-awareness.
— Get motion sickness: Occasionally.
— Think you’re attractive: Occasionally.
— Think you’re a health freak: I like being healthy but I don't like what I have to do to get there. Though I am riddled with guilt every day that I don't get to do my exercises. Today is one of those days.
— Get along with your parent(s): My dad, yes. I TRY to get along with my mom, but not having ANYTHING in common makes it rather difficult.
— Like thunderstorms: YES!
— Play an instrument: I have tried to play many things, but it seems the only one I can handle is the CD player.

In the past six months…
— Drank alcohol: And how.
— Smoked: No.
— Done a drug: Yes.
— Made Out: [Butthead laugh here]
— Gone on a date: One time Dom and I pushed the twin beds together. Does that count?
— Gone to the mall?: Does it count if I went to Pacific Place to watch a movie?
— Eaten an entire box of Oreos?: Ew.
— Eaten sushi: Yes.
— Been on stage: Does karaoke count?
— Been dumped: Not yet.
— Gone skating: Nooooooo.
— Made homemade cookies: Does ice cream cake count?
— Dyed your hair: Yes. And I'm quite due for a root job.

— Played a game that required removal of clothing: The game of love?
— If so, was it mixed company: Not that I'm aware of.
— Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: See question about drinking.
— Been caught “doing something”: Are they talking about flogging the dude in the boat? I'm pretty good about being discrete about that.
— Been called a tease: If by tease you mean dork, then yes.
— Gotten beaten up: No.
— Shoplifted: In high school my best friend was a Klepto so she stole stuff for me.
— Changed who you were to fit in: No. It just sort of started to happen once I got away from the Southeastern United States. Strange how that works out.

— Age you hope to be married: See question about marriage.
— Numbers and Names of Children: 2 hermaphodites named Thing 1 and Thing 2.
— Describe your Dream Wedding: One which I don't have to attend.
— How do you want to die: By becoming a vampire and gaining immortality.
— Where you want to go to college: Oh. Apparently this is a quiz for the kiddies.
— What do you want to be when you grow up: An astronaut or a ballerina.
— What country would you most like to visit: It was the U.K. and I've already been there but I wouldn't mind going back again and again and again.

— Number of drugs taken illegally: 3?
— Number of people I could trust with my life: It's hard to say really. I have a number of really great friends that I trust a lot. Let's leave it at that.
— Number of CDs that I own: < 800
— Number of piercings: My ears when I was 12. I think they've closed up by now.
— Number of tattoos: 2.
— Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: I have no idea really. Does the NWFilmforum Digest count?
— Number of scars on my body: Loads and loads. Especially 4 lovely monsters on my knees. Soon to be 2 nice ones on my tits as well, when I cut those babies down to size.
— Number of things in my past that I regret: I can't think of anything off hand. I'm sure there's something, but I generally like to think of every mistake as something I can learn from and move on. Even giving certain evil people loads of chances even after they screw me over, just because we were friends at one point. Boy, did THAT come off as bitter. It was supposed to be positive.

So this thing was really dumb, obviously not targeted towards adults, I probably come off sounding like a horribly negative, pescimistic individual. But I'm posting it anyway, so that when my mood sweetens, I can look back on it and realize how silly I was being.


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