Hotter With a Beard: Joaquin Phoenix Edition

Picture taken from a story about Joaquin’s announcement at a Paul Newman memorial that he is retiring from acting. I wonder if he said that he was pretty sure there is more to life than being a really really really ridiculously good actor and he plans on finding out what that is. I bet you didn’t even think he knew was a eugugolizer was.

Is It Too Late to Change My Vote?

Yesterday, while I waited in a growing line at a Renton Subway, I overheard an irate man talking to the cashier/only sandwich artist in the joint, about Obama’s nefarious plans to tax small businesses until they go under and then give the money to black people. BLACK PEOPLE! Of all the people to give money to! I can’t believe there isn’t more press about this.

The cashier asked the man where he read about this conspiracy. “The internet,” he explained. She asked him to specify which sites. “Several different ones,” he specified. It’s pretty hard to argue with such prestigious sources. He assured her that her job would be safe because Subway is not, as far as he knows, a small business. However, everyone else is SCREWED! Wow. I had no idea Barack Obama was so evil. Small businesses are the foundation of democracy and black people definitely don’t need any more of our hard earned money.

That settles it. I’m moving to Renton where the people make more sense.

So I Went to Italy…

It was a honeymoon of sorts as it was where the Mister and I had wanted to go in June, but that was peak season and so expensive. I did a little research and learned that everything we wanted to do would be half the price in October. So we went to Mexico then (Also off-season. I guess that’s our style.) and made plans to do the big trip in the fall.

It was the perfect idea. Not only is everything more affordable, but the weather is perfect. It was 75 degrees and sunny every day. It only rained the day we arrived and the day we left. There were still a lot of tourists in the bigger cities but it wasn’t overwhelming. We were still able to do everything we wanted to do. And we brought some friends with us. Continue reading

NFT Radar: the Tin Hat

Simply put: the Tin Hat is a Ballard hipster bar. But it’s not hipster in that annoying, competitive way. It’s hip because it just is, from the front room to the bathrooms. The menus are all printed with retro design covers. There is plenty of velvet art. There are diner-style signs everywhere boasting cheap eats and they mean it too. There’s pinball and a fun movie playing silently on the TV to fill in the rare awkward silence that might crop up (or even to distract you from a conversation… even the most engrossing discussion can be disrupted by the sight of killer dolls or Patrick Bateman’s chainsaw phallus). The music is a mixture of hipster favorites and unpretentious pop. Sometimes spun by a DJ, other times a house playlist, they will play a rare Husker Du track, but are not above tossing a Squeeze song on right after. Everyone can feel welcome here, and the cheap happy hours make it even easier. And no need to put off breaking the seal here. Both the men’s and women’s restrooms are full of visual goodies like pinup girls, old cigarette ads and Tom Selleck in a speedo. It’s square to be hip!

512 NW 65th St 98117

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NFT Radar: Pizza Pi

I have been a vegetarian for 16 years. In that time I have never gone vegan for one reason: Cheese. There’s just no suitable substitute. There are acceptable soy versions of milk and rice versions of ice cream. But that orange nacho sludge at 7-11 seems more real than any vegan cheese I’ve ever had, even realer… than cheese itself. So a vegan pizzeria is a risky venture. Of course vegans will love it. They will claim it tastes “just like pizza” the way I claim grilled Portobello mushrooms taste like steak. But they are meaty and flavorful and that’s good enough for me. The Pi chefs certainly know how to make delicious food. Their rustic crust recipe, the basis for most menu items, is salty and satisfying. Their topping options are wonderful (though they inexplicably include pineapple in everything). If you have bad impressions of the place, blame the old owners. The new ones know that you have to keep regular hours. But if you’re not vegan, and like cheese, this isn’t for you. If, however, you just like good food, forget the whole pizza concept and just enjoy the menu for what it is.

5500 University Way NE 98105

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This Is Lipnicki

This kid never stops amusing. He’s apparently entered his Glamor Shots Cowboy phase:


Thx dlisted.

“You Never Write…”

I know, I know. But it’s because I’ve been in Italy for the last 2 weeks. As one would expect, it was amazing. More to come on that. And lots of pictures too.