Internet Meme Black Hole

If someone turns this Cakewreck Fail into a LOLCat, the blog on which it is posted will turn into a black hole and suck all of existence into it. Please don’t let that happen.


Further Proof of NPH Ownage

This Old Spice ad:

neil patrick harris

Any Neil Patrick Harris endorsement works on me. I just bought 12.

(Click photo for larger dose of awesome.)

From Towerload.

What a Mug!

This mug, from the Red Robin restaurant chain, is one of the mugs that floats around my office.

racist mug

When I first saw it, I thought, “That’s awfully racist”. It is, after all, making light of slavery. But then again, it might only be as racist as Robinson Crusoe himself. Does that instead make it funny? A clever literary reference? Or a moment of ignorance on the part of the Red Robin marketing team? As suggested by the highlighting, did they structure the entire joke around the word “Robin”? Because that’s quite a stretch. Nonetheless, I think Red Robin should probably stick to Cathy/Dilbert-esque jokes for their mugs.

Some suggestions:

“Ack! Other than shopping, coffee is the only thing that keeps me sane!”

“My boss is totally unreasonable.”

“Why hasn’t he called? Ack! Is it because I’m fat?”

“Work sucks your will to live. But at least there’s coffee.”

Obama/Prime ’08

Yes please.

Potential campaign slogan:
“A little bit of Energon and a lot of change”.

Please post further slogan suggestions in the comments.

Other good running mate suggestions found here via one of my new favorite Sloggers.

It’s Really REALLY Not Easy…

Best Week Ever Blog has the heads up on Sad Kermit, in which our favorite frog shows us that his emo song-stylings were actually a cry for help.

There is much to marvel at in this video including realistic muppet guitar playing and shaving. But what I really want to know is, how in the hell do you make a muppet smoke? Magical. And, of course, kudos to its Royal Tenenbaums tribute.

Be sure and check out the website which has one more video (For Nine Inch Nails’ “Hurt” and several MP3s available for download.

I Know Who Has Diabeetus


Pilfered from Slog. I wish I knew how to make these things. I could add the ones from The Brothers Solomon and The Devil’s Rejects.

More Fun Than Having a Real Baby…

…Is using the promotional website for the upcoming Judd Apatow movie, Knocked Up called The Babymaker. Here is the result of my playing god, whom I have dubbed Galen Tyrol Baxter Brugos. It's a boy:

He would be kind of cute if he had less blotchy skin and full eyebrows. Oh well. I guess I should have laid off the smack during my pregnancy.

It's a pretty fun program. If any of you out there do one, I'd love to see the result. I bet an Elyse/Wade baby would be pretty awesome.

The Guttes and I Love You

Steve Guttenberg and a cute doggie wish you a Happy Valentine's Day.

6 more months till this is OK.

Harry Potter Countdown Clock