NFT Radar: Amazing Thai Cuisine

When one Thai restaurant falls, another takes its place. Or so it goes in Sea-Town. Pawinee Thai became the auspiciously titled Amazing Thai Cuisine under new owners, but in this case it was definitely an improvement, rather than a replacement. I was feeling lazy one day and called Pawinee for delivery. Amazing Thai answered, but all I heard was “Thai.” I was a couple of dishes into my order before we both realized what had happened. There I was with no menu and a house full of hungry Thai enthusiasts. But the man on the phone was kind enough to suggest things based on what I had wanted to order and still brought it to my door. He also brought me FIVE menus for some reason. But I’m happy to have them. This menu is huge. It’s got all the old standby dishes plus a few surprises like the Puff Omelet, Grilled Salmon, Pineapple Curry and something called Ultimate Fried Rice. It’s not the best Thai I’ve ever had, but it’s good enough to be called Amazing. And if I don’t have to cook or put on pants, that’s good enough for me.

5210 Roosevelt Way NE 98105

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NFT Radar: Neptune Coffee

If you thought coffee shop culture in Seattle was stagnant, you obviously haven’t been to Neptune Coffee. Nestled conveniently in the Greenwood main drag, Neptune Coffee is resurrecting the coffee shop as a destination, rather than a stop on the way to something cooler. It’s owned and operated by a friendly chap named Dan who really understands customer draw and retention. During the day, take advantage of the free wi-fi and comfy, lap top oriented seating arrangements. Order a delicious fresh, hot panini sandwich to accompany your coffee. In the evening, take in some entertainment. They have the old stand-by events like open mic nights and art shows, but they also have something infinitely hipper: Trivia Theme Nights. Recent themes have included Twin Peaks, Arrested Development, the Big Lebowski and Futurama. The entry fee proceeds go to various neighborhood charities and non-profits and the winning teams take home spoils in the form of fun related paraphernalia. I know this first hand because the winning team at Futurama night featured yours truly. Why yes, I AM bragging. But trivia night would not be complete without perhaps the most ingenious idea for a coffee shop yet: Alcohol. Two-fist your latte with bottled beer or a glass of wine. Everybody’s happy!

8415 Greenwood Ave N 98103

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NFT Radar: CrazyCherry

CrazyCherry (formerly the lawsuiterific CrazyBerry), is the frozen yogurt of the future. I admit I was skeptical at first. They have only two flavors, one of which is “plain.” The other is “green tea.” “What’s all this crapery?” I wondered. “I’m on board with the Green Tea but what kind of fascist establishment calls ‘plain’ a flavor? What are my topping options? Rice and water?” But since I’m a girl who loves her some fro yo, I decided to give it a whirl. Much to my surprise, there is nothing plain about the “plain.” It’s sweet and delicious with tangy kick. The “green tea” doesn’t disappoint either. But, as I soon learned: CrazyCherry ain’t about the flavor of the yogurt. It’s about the TOPPINGS! Their vast array is not limited to the moniker-alluded berries. They carry the traditional delights like sprinkles and oreo crumble, but they also offer unique (and magically delicious) toppings like Captain Crunch, marshmallows and mochi balls (Ha! Rice IS a topping). Once you’ve chosen a topping trifeca kick back in a smooth futuristic orange plastic chair and contemplate the white orb lights dangling from the ceiling whilst scarfing down your personalized, moderately healthy yogurt creation. The future is now.

131 Broadway E 98102

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Rockin’ Birthday Eve

My second annual 29th birthday coincided with my new life as a freelancer. The good news about my freelancing career is that so far I have had plenty of work. The bad news is that it’s a little too much work. I have been very busy and very tired and haven’t really had time to blog. So that’s why I’m just getting around to writing about my birthday party. Which was AWESOME.

Some friends, my Mister and I had been noodling around in the basement for a couple of months with instruments making something resembling a band. We played a lot of Weezer because it turns out it’s not that hard. Emily was pretty good with the rapping so we decided to put a couple of verses of “Shoop” in the middle of “Tired of Sex”. That worked out so well that I wrote some raps of my own and we put them into the middle of “Undone” and “Surf Wax America” too. The “Surf Wax” rap is based on the Patrick Swayze character in “Point Break”. We discovered that we weren’t terrible. We gave ourselves a name: The MC Superman Skivvies. And eventually, we got the bug to play in front of people. We happen to know a lot of very talented people who would be fun to share a stage with. Hence: The First Periodic Baxtle of the Bands was planned and scheduled to take place on my birthday. We somehow managed to cram 6 bands and 60-some people into our living room.

The other bands who played were:
Supercolliding Superconductor (involving the awesome Yuna on keyboard and vocals and Arsenio on lead vocals and megaphone)
3X Wogato (another cover band playing Clash, Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello and Roy Orbison)
Floppy Donkey Dick (a brother and sister rock duo)
Tough Guy Mosh (a duo of epic proportions)
Lady Drama (the incredibly talented and professional rock quartet)

The voting was done democracy-style via a ballot box. It was a realistic democracy too on account of the illegal ballot stuffing (not in our favor, by the way) and the fact that not very many people remembered to vote.

All the bands were really phenomenal so there was pretty stiff competition. Lady Drama plays a lot of gigs and all their songs are original. 3X Wogato brings years of experience to the table. But the MC Superman Skivvies won anyway. I like to think it had very little to do with the home court advantage. We recorded the whole show and I’ve uploaded our set onto our new MySpace page. You can hear people singing along and cheering during our set. I think mostly they were genuinely surprised that we were any good. We just need to keep the expectations low and we will do fine as a band. We don’t have any designs for world domination but we would like to play a couple more gigs.

I didn’t drink much before we played. Just enough to ease the nerves. But after we were done, how the bevvies flowed. By the time all the bands were done and the cake was cut, I was appropriately birthday drunk. So much so that I didn’t even recall the occurrence of the late-night jam session, much less taking part in it myself. Thank god for photographs. Now I remember the whole night like I was there. Which I was. I’m fairly certain.

Check out our set on our MySpace page and maybe become our friend! We will play another show soon! And we will have more songs ready by then too!

Also, check out the pictorial evidence of the mayhem here and here.

She’s All Ears

ANTM Cycle 11 continues to entertain with the makeover episode. And I was on board with almost all of the end results (I even warmed up to Elina’s transformation into Tori Amos…eventually).

But McKey’s (Mmmmkay?) never worked for me. The black hair is nice, and probably more versatile than her bright red hair but why the big chunky sideburns? All they do is accent her ears which I never noticed before but now can’t stop noticing.

mckey before mckey after

Awful. Why not a cute little chunky bob instead? This is NOT a good haircut. In panel all the judges seemed brainwashed. Nigel and Paulina were so monotone when they talked about her new look. “Oh yes, this is quite an improvement. Yes, we love it. Looooooove iiiiiit. Braaaaaains.”

My favorite part of the episode, of course, was Tyra’s wonderful little Snow White skit in which she ate the poisoned apple given to her by the evil witch Ms. J, convulsed into a coma and had to be revived by her one true gay boyfriend, MR. J. I couldn’t even believe what I was watching. Is there really so little actual drama in the house that they have to write skits to fill time? Or is Tyra just demanding more screen time because she’s such a “good” actress. She sure can play the hell out of a Makeover Fairy. That high-pitched faux British accent is DEFINITELY how real fairies sound. Give that bitch an award!

You Deserve to be Miserable

I really hate ALL of the commercials, but the one that especially bugs me is the “Dream Girl” one in which the guy sings that if only he’d checked his wife’s credit he’d “be a happy bachelor with a dog and a yard”.

So…the only reason she was your dream girl was because you thought she could buy you a house? Why don’t you get a real job so that YOU can buy the house instead of sitting around in the basement playing your shitty songs while she does the laundry. Asshole.

Get Apolcalyptic This Monday!

Do you like drinking, laughing and partial nudity? Don’t even act like you don’t. I know you people. And Monday, September 15th is your lucky day because the first installment of the new series of the hit variety show, Get Loweded, is coming to the Rebar! It’s hosted by Jackson Lowe, a man who looks suspiciously like Chas Roberts of Tough Guy Mosh fame. And the new series is something really special because it’s regarding something we all need to know about: The Apocalypse!

It’s a glimpse into our inevitable future in which gas is a rare and precious resource, people make dubious fashion choices and history is revisionist and cobbled together from patchy memory by a group of traveling gypsies who will steal your wallet…and your hearts. But they will leave you with entertainment and drink specials.

Featuring music, comedy, disrobing ladies, the Andy Kaufman of the future and TriviaBots.

$8 or a gallon of precious precious petroleum gets you in the door. Here’s a flier:

(Click picture for enlarged version!)

Also featuring yours truly as the Assistant Production Manager and Arsenio as the Robot!

NFT Radar: The Redwood

I’m not sure what it is with hipsters and hunting themes but it seems to work. The Redwood nails Log Cabin chic with wood paneling; antler lamps and burlap animal targets abound. But unlike a Linda Dershang bar, this place skews more animal-friendly than carnivorous. Vegetarian meatloaf sandwiches, vegan chili burgers, sweet potato fries and yes, some real dead cow as well. And there’s more. You’ll only pay backwoods prices for your cocktails and they’ll throw in free peanuts to boot (go ahead and toss those shells on the floor). However, while you may feel like you’re drinking in the Appalachians, don’t forget to use your indoor voice, even when you’re outside smoking. The neighbors will call the cops on your city slicker ass. For serious.

514 E Howell St 98122

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Klostermeme XIII: 2 Degrees of Klostermeme


My friend was in a wedding this past weekend and guess who was her groomsman. I’ll give you a hint. I don’t call these posts LoggiaMemes! She left me a voicemail asking me if there was anything I wanted to ask him. Of course, at the time I was rocking too hard at the Baxttle of the Bands (more on that later) to hear my phone and for some reason said phone neglected to alert me of a new message so I didn’t hear it until today when it preceded another message. Anywhosel, I may not have gotten to crack the Kase of the Klosterman Theory by having her annoyingly ask him his real answers to all 23 of his questions he asks people to find out if he can really love them, but I can carry on with the Klostermemes and theories in this blog. And so I shall!

Chuck Klosterman IV is rife with meme fodder. The Klostermeme series features these questions, my answers, my speculations on how Klosterman would answer and an invitation to the reader to answer these questions in the comments!

alfred packerYou are in a plane crash in the Andes Mountains, not unlike those people from the movie Alive. As such, you will be forced to consume the human flesh of the people who died on impact; this will be a terrible experience, but it is the only way for you to survive. Fortunately, you did not know any of the victims personally.

Would you rather eat a dead baby, or would you rather eat a dead elderly person? Would gender play a role in the selection process? And how much would it bother you if this meat turned out to be delicious?

My answer: I may be a vegetarian, but I am fully prepared to eat meat in the event that I must do so in order to stay alive. Since I already have qualms about meat-eating, I reckon people eating wouldn’t be much more difficult for my conscience. Especially if I don’t know any of the victims and they are already dead. It doesn’t matter if it turns out to be delicious. Meat is delicious but I am bothered by it enough to refrain from eating it. So in essence, being a vegetarian for moral reasons has already mentally prepared me for this sort of situation. Hooray!

As for which meat I would prefer, I’d probably want to eat a young person or a baby. Their meat would be the healthiest and therefore tastiest (and best for you), right? Gender wouldn’t play a role but I would rather eat a nice, plump person than an anorexic.

Klosterman Theory: He would agree with me on the meat selection but he would probably have a harder time dealing if he ended up liking it, since he’s a staunch meat-eater currently.

Comment me with your answers! More information on this (non) story as it (doesn’t) develop(s)!

Barack Obama Only Went to ONE College

How I’ve missed you, Gina Gershon. I hope she continues her comedic acting career because this video is hilarious. Tim and Eric need to give her a call ASAP.

Gina, as Sarah Palin, clears up a couple of misconceptions.

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