You Deserve to be Miserable

I really hate ALL of the commercials, but the one that especially bugs me is the “Dream Girl” one in which the guy sings that if only he’d checked his wife’s credit he’d “be a happy bachelor with a dog and a yard”.

So…the only reason she was your dream girl was because you thought she could buy you a house? Why don’t you get a real job so that YOU can buy the house instead of sitting around in the basement playing your shitty songs while she does the laundry. Asshole.



  1. That commercial pisses me off too! I know more than one happily married couple living just fucking fine with the admittedly huge credit card debt brought by one spouse. I mean, what were they supposed to say, “Yeah, sorry, but your credit score makes me no longer love you and want to spend my life with you.” If that is true, NEWSFLASH: they don’t really love you.

  2. Further these free credit reports are only available if you sign up for the service which costs. Want your credit report for free go to the All the others are total scams.

  3. I’m with Eric, it’s the misinformation that really gets me. These guys are bottom-feeding scum, profiting off the financial ignorance of the American population. The ad that really gets me is the one where he gets his identity stolen and ends up working at a theme restaurant to pay off debts he doesn’t owe. To scare people into thinking they can’t fight identity theft is unethical, nevermind their “service” isn’t free and already provided by the government. I wish the government would take these fuckers to task for false advertising.

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