Get Apolcalyptic This Monday!

Do you like drinking, laughing and partial nudity? Don’t even act like you don’t. I know you people. And Monday, September 15th is your lucky day because the first installment of the new series of the hit variety show, Get Loweded, is coming to the Rebar! It’s hosted by Jackson Lowe, a man who looks suspiciously like Chas Roberts of Tough Guy Mosh fame. And the new series is something really special because it’s regarding something we all need to know about: The Apocalypse!

It’s a glimpse into our inevitable future in which gas is a rare and precious resource, people make dubious fashion choices and history is revisionist and cobbled together from patchy memory by a group of traveling gypsies who will steal your wallet…and your hearts. But they will leave you with entertainment and drink specials.

Featuring music, comedy, disrobing ladies, the Andy Kaufman of the future and TriviaBots.

$8 or a gallon of precious precious petroleum gets you in the door. Here’s a flier:

(Click picture for enlarged version!)

Also featuring yours truly as the Assistant Production Manager and Arsenio as the Robot!