She’s All Ears

ANTM Cycle 11 continues to entertain with the makeover episode. And I was on board with almost all of the end results (I even warmed up to Elina’s transformation into Tori Amos…eventually).

But McKey’s (Mmmmkay?) never worked for me. The black hair is nice, and probably more versatile than her bright red hair but why the big chunky sideburns? All they do is accent her ears which I never noticed before but now can’t stop noticing.

mckey before mckey after

Awful. Why not a cute little chunky bob instead? This is NOT a good haircut. In panel all the judges seemed brainwashed. Nigel and Paulina were so monotone when they talked about her new look. “Oh yes, this is quite an improvement. Yes, we love it. Looooooove iiiiiit. Braaaaaains.”

My favorite part of the episode, of course, was Tyra’s wonderful little Snow White skit in which she ate the poisoned apple given to her by the evil witch Ms. J, convulsed into a coma and had to be revived by her one true gay boyfriend, MR. J. I couldn’t even believe what I was watching. Is there really so little actual drama in the house that they have to write skits to fill time? Or is Tyra just demanding more screen time because she’s such a “good” actress. She sure can play the hell out of a Makeover Fairy. That high-pitched faux British accent is DEFINITELY how real fairies sound. Give that bitch an award!