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This will be one of the last posts for a while, as I will be in London. I might post in short spurts while I'm there, but I've already promised to check my work email and internet time is expensive in cafes. Anywho…

I was in for a mellow night after one of the worst work weeks in recent memory. Faye and I watched Super Size Me and Holes and enjoyed them both. We also enjoyed beers. End of story.

I started helping Faye move around 10:30 am. We were going from a second floor apartment to a third floor apartment (with twice as many stairs as a normal apartment because the floor levels are split for some reason). It was definitely some hard work but luckily there were 6 of us and Faye doesn't really have a LOT of stuff. Also, Faye's parents (who are THE coolest parents in history) were sensitive to my wonky knees and so I did more helping Faye pack than I did hauling stuff up the stairs. Somehow I'm STILL sore from it all though. Yoga is great for general exercise but it doesn't involve a lot of heavy lifting. (Only as much as lifting my own body…which is certainly heavy, but apparently not as much as a box full of old English anthologies).
After finishing up, we had a beer starter and then Faye took us to Charlie's as a reward. Later, we ended up back at Casa Zookster to watch movies. We ended up getting a weird hankering to watch Total Recall. I hadn't seen the full version of it in a while (just the television edit) and I had forgotten how needlessly, graphically and awesomely violent it is! Paul Verhoeven's films are definitely among my favorite guilty pleasures. Especially since he has NO IDEA how ridiculous he is. We listened to a bit of the commentary and he was actually explaining the fact that the movie is a dream over and over and over again. “You see here, zis is the woman he chooses to be in his dream and then later you see zis woman again so you know he is still dreaming…” We GET it, dude. This isn't Eternal Sunshine we're watching here. (Although the plots do have their parallels).

I skipped yoga because I was so rediculously sore from moving stuff and Faye and I partook of the time-honored Tacoma tradition of going to Target for no reason. It wasn't that exciting for her because she works right by it, but for me it was a joyful novelty. We ate taco bell (thinking, all the while, about Super Size Me) and then proceeded to fill our cart full of things we sort of needed but not really. I didn't break $100, though, which surprised me. I think it's because of the clothes. Target used to have great cheap clothes and now everything they sell looks like work-out clothes. I blame Jessica Simpson for making leisure-wear hip. No cute little spring dress for me.
Later, we attended Brian's Oscar party. I had planned on dressing up like Clementine to support Kate Winslet who was sure to be snubbed, but I couldn't find my Pippi Longstocking wig. We drank just the right amount of Cook's to make us slightly belligerent toward the actors on TV and a good time was had by all, even though the Oscars are bullshit. (However, I was very tickled and exited about Charlie Kaufman winning for Best Screenplay. Go Charlie! Way to break into the mainstream much to your apparent embarrassment!).

And now I'm back here for what will probably be three very stressful days of work. Lil D. is already acting put out by my future absense even though she hasn't had to do ANY extra work yet. I was explaining to her about the various outstanding issues and she was slumping on the couch and closing her eyes as if my words were giving her a migraine. I'm sorry you will have to take extra time out from shopping at to do a little of my job, beyotch.

Hooray for Mondays!


quiddities, such as 'Cash'

For anyone who saw the news this morning about the fire on Capitol Hill, even though they gave OUR address, it was not, in fact, mine and Dom's place that was on fire. It was our neighbors. I'm still a little fuzzy about which building it was because I was discombobulated when I left the house. I was about to miss my bus (as usual) and when I emerged from the door, I was completely blocked in by police tape. I thought about just running through but had images from movies and TV of being tackled by cops and I was not in the mood for that this morning. So instead I paced in front of my building for about 30 seconds before getting the attention of a police woman and asking if I could go through to get to my bus. She said yes, and through I went. Turns out, my bus didn't come anyway because it was re-routed due to the fire trucks blocking the way. So I was still late to work. But at least I didn't die in a horrible fire.

Last night I saw Sideways. It was a special treat from Dom’s dad who also took us to dinner (at the very yummy Roti on lower Queen Anne). This is the first “Best Picture” nom film I have seen. I thought that that it was aight. I enjoyed it for the most part. The acting was good. The dialogue was good. The pictures were pretty. But it was a little long-winded for my taste. And even though it was an indie film, I felt they over-explained certain things in an attempt to pander to a wider, dumber audience. I probably would never feel compelled to purchase it on DVD or even watch it all the way through again. Regardless, I am sure that it is the best film that is up for that particular bullshit award. Therefore, I am certain it won’t win. God bless the Academy.


Here's a story on the fire. Again they give our address and I must point out the fact that I am not dead…I think.


You are

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the geek minute

Geek Issue The First:

After several pretty mediocre episodes, (including one with Charlie, formerly my favorite character) Lost was finally good again last night. Who knew that Sun and Jin were so engaging? Maybe it's just the actors but their story was very emotional. Also, two people FINALLY hooked up on the island and I am just tickled pickles that it wasn't Kate and one of the hundreds of men she has drooling over her boney ass.

Geek Issue The Second

I want to be here.

Maybe next year…

Place it under the tongue and achive amazing result

I can FINALLY update my journal a bit! So here goes…


The details are fuzzy as it's now Thursday, but I'll see what I can do to make this interesting.


We went to the long-awaited Elyse and Gene Housewarming party, made all the more special with an appearance by the soon to be extremely famous The Bobcats. Faye, Dom, Sherrard, Jacob and I arrived fashionably late because we were busy pre-drunking and watching Ginger Snaps (which was very entertaining and worth the hype). I must say those Canadians have a knack for surprisingly good horror films with female protagonists. Now we must get our hands on Ginger Snaps Back!
ANYWHO, we arrived at the party, met Maura, who is not only Elyse's friend from way back, but also the very first person whom I met on LJ before I met them in person. She wasn't a child molester or a 200 pound man, so I was pleased to meet her. She's also just as cool as she sounds in her “blog”. That last paragraph sounds painfully dorky upon re-reading it so I will simply move on.
The Wildcats were just as kick-ass as everyone said they would be. Those kids are gonna go far. They'll have a Stranger Suggests in no time, I tell you. And I will try to repress my jealous rage when that happens. There may have even been staffers FROM The Stranger there. Although I heard mixed accounts. Some people seemed to think that it was just “strangers”.

We gathered our wits and strolled on down to Pacific Place for a matinee of Constantine. Apparently, many of the people I'd drunkenly invited to the movie the previous evening actually indented on showing up. So the Constantine Posse took our seats and prepared for the worst. Once again, we were pleasantly surprised! Keanu is still Keanu but the story is pretty interesting (apart from the lame subplot involving the Mexican just roaming around being evil) and the special effects were cool and the supporting cast was IN-credible! Even Gavin Rossdale, whose mere presence is comical, played a decent English Pansy Demon. Titda Swinton was mesmerizing and is so androgynous that I'm not convinced she's NOT a morally questionable arch-angel. And Peter Stormare as Satan was a joy to watch. Shia LaBouf's character was pretty unnecessary, but I just like having that kid around. I don't want to “spoil” anything so I'll just say that if you enjoyed the first Matrix, you will probably enjoy Constantine. Of course, they set it up for a sequel so hopefully it won't go the way of The Matrix and go from entertaining and decent to horrifically campy and lame.

After the movie, we caught an early happy hour at The Six Arms and just kept on drinking. We lost a few people along the way, tested out The Bus Stop, which is the new bar next door to Bimbo's that used to be a thrift store. It's kinda cool in there, even though their beer selection is limited. We also discovered that they had karaoke on Sundays so we made a plan to come back.

We then had a quick drink at the Cha Cha for old time's sake and headed back to my place for…I don't know what…TV? I think that's what we did. Like I said, it's Thursday. Things get fuzzy after a couple of days in this head of mine.

We had breakfast at the B. & O. It was my first time there and I was very underwhelmed. $7.95 for eggs, TWO pieces (not 4) of toast and some crappy potatoes? No thanks! Give me the $3.50 plate of grease from Linda's or The Canterbury any day.
Then we hit Half Price Books for a while. I hit the yoga studio, and we got ready to sing our little hearts out at The Bus Stop.
And sing we did! It was kind of a strange scene because it seemed like the DJ knew EVERYONE in the place except for us. But we still got to sing a lot of songs, because the place was small. The DJ was even pretty nice even though she pulled that snooty business wherein she refused to call people who were singing songs she didn't like. But when she accidentally stopped the CD in the middle of my rendition of “Separate Ways” she genuinely apologized and let me and Faye sing “Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now” instead. (Because you simply CANNOT start “Separate Ways” again after that. You just have to let it rest and move on).
We were witness to one of the most amazing karaoke performers I have ever seen. A man called Ian, who bares a striking resemblance to David Sedaris, apparently knows his boys bands. And I don't mean just the lyrics. He knows all the dance moves too. And he does them. This man does NOT need to look at the monitor. He just needs room so that he can wave his arms and jump like a member of N'SYNC. It was nothing short of incredible. He did THREE songs like this and each one was more amazing than the last. All hail Ian.
The only real downers of the evening involved some loud and obnoxious girls (who acted out my karaoke pet peeve of making a solo song into a duet simply because they don't want to get up there by themselves), and some haters who were dissing on Oasis. But everything else was peachy creamy. I heart karaoke.

Nothing much happened apart from me sleeping in (even through the plumber installing a new dishwasher), and a bunch of us snoozing through The Punisher which is too boring for words. Even though I just typed some words.

end transmission

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This office is in the process of making absolute sure I don't want to come back here after holiday next week. Go on, co-workers, pretend I'm not brain-hemorrhagingly busy and give me another time consuming job. I fucking dare you.


Lots to write about from this weekend, but no time to write it. Hopefully tomorrow.
I just got a huge mailing sprung on me for which I didn't budget any time before I leave for London (in a little over a week). Meanwhile, Lil' D. keeps asking me if I've taught the interns how to do this or that, leading me to believe that she plans on doing exactly NOTHING to help me out while I'm gone. I guess when, she said that in this office “everyone needs to fill in when necessary to meet a common goal” she actually meant “EveryJessica” needs to fill in.


Does anybody know where I can find a recent list of karaoke venues in Seattle and the days that they have them? The Stranger has one but it's from 2001. If there's no list, can people just mention their favorite karaoke venue? Thanks!

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