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It's been a while since I've done one of these because this is my first weekend after three solid weeks of no days off. Obviously, making movies is fun but I never got a chance to recover from the day job hangover I have every Friday. So this weekend I did! Yay!

A bunch of us went to our beloved Canterbury to drink way too much and eat greasy food. The place became absolutely packed which is new. I hope it doesn't get overrun with assholes because The Canterbury is my last refuge away from Capitol Hill Indie Zombies. We did bring a lot of film people with us so maybe it only SEEMED crowded because there were so many people with us that I wasn't used to having around. We didn't end up leaving early-ish to sing karaoke which is what I'd wanted to do but I couldn't seem to convince anyone to do it. Instead they kept saying “one more beer”. And that's the story of how I became excruciatingly hungover Saturday morning. Eventually, I got Krk, Faye and Dom to leave to go watch the first rough cut of Snow Day that our editor sent us. It's shaping up very nicely! I am freakishly excited about it! One of our crew is currently mass mailing comic conventions to see if they will show our film for free. That would be better than festivals in most cases because it would be seen by our target demographic (and wouldn't be panned by the snobs that often grace film festivals) and it would be free as well! (Hopefully). There are several film festivals we will sumbit to as well. But I'm mostly excited about the possibilty of Joss Whedon, Rob Zombie or Patton Oswalt seeing our movie. Digression much?


After nursing respective massive hangovers, Faye, Sherwood, Dom (who was hangover free, the dry bastard) and I headed to the Bellevue Square Mall so that Faye and I could buy new dresses for the wrap party (horrifically girly, I know…but just because we like to spit blood on people and make dirty jokes doesn't mean we don't like to look pretty). Meanwhile, Sherwood and Dom shopped for shoes. (Which is also horribly girly and I can't make excuses for them). After that we went to see “Alone in the Dark” because after reading the description of it in the Stranger,(scroll down, cracka) how could we not?! It was Craptacular indeed and well worth paying matinee prices (or sneaking in) for a good laugh. Tara Reid just looks SO SMART with a pony tail, a clipboard and glasses!

Dom and I were treated to breakfast by the Glidewell family in Redmond. For those of you that don't know, Alesia is my long lost childhood friend from Huntsville, AL. She was also the person with whom I made my first movie entitled “Mississippi Care Bears”. It was an abstract, mostly ad-libbed film which is as funny as it is poignant. Anywho, breakfast was great and the parents (I think) got a kick out of seeing what became of the hyper, A.D.D. riddled little blonde girl (who is now a mostly subdued, larger gothic girl. Notice I said GothIC and not GOTH. There IS a difference).
After that I watched a terrible movie on comedy central (I heart Jason Bateman…especially when he says “anal leakage”) and struggled with whether or not to go to yoga for the first time in a month and a half. Eventually, I decided I HAD to go and am very glad I did. I am pretty sore (which is normal) but I did REALLY well for not having been in that long. I believe it is because I am now about 8 pounds lighter and my center of gravity is different! I am able to balance a lot better because I'm not so top heavy. Hooray! Furthermore, I was very invigorated after class. Yoga. Is. Awesome. And so are normal-sized boobies. And Chewbacca.