quiddities, such as 'Cash'

For anyone who saw the news this morning about the fire on Capitol Hill, even though they gave OUR address, it was not, in fact, mine and Dom's place that was on fire. It was our neighbors. I'm still a little fuzzy about which building it was because I was discombobulated when I left the house. I was about to miss my bus (as usual) and when I emerged from the door, I was completely blocked in by police tape. I thought about just running through but had images from movies and TV of being tackled by cops and I was not in the mood for that this morning. So instead I paced in front of my building for about 30 seconds before getting the attention of a police woman and asking if I could go through to get to my bus. She said yes, and through I went. Turns out, my bus didn't come anyway because it was re-routed due to the fire trucks blocking the way. So I was still late to work. But at least I didn't die in a horrible fire.

Last night I saw Sideways. It was a special treat from Dom’s dad who also took us to dinner (at the very yummy Roti on lower Queen Anne). This is the first “Best Picture” nom film I have seen. I thought that that it was aight. I enjoyed it for the most part. The acting was good. The dialogue was good. The pictures were pretty. But it was a little long-winded for my taste. And even though it was an indie film, I felt they over-explained certain things in an attempt to pander to a wider, dumber audience. I probably would never feel compelled to purchase it on DVD or even watch it all the way through again. Regardless, I am sure that it is the best film that is up for that particular bullshit award. Therefore, I am certain it won’t win. God bless the Academy.


Here's a story on the fire. Again they give our address and I must point out the fact that I am not dead…I think.