(Usually) Furry Pets of Past and Present

In chronological order or procurement. From Librarisaurus Rex!

C=Cat; G=Gerbil; R=Rat; F=Fish

  • Cinderella (C)
  • Katie (C)
  • Curry (C)
  • Kitty (C)
  • Noel I (F)
  • Smithers (G) & Burns (G)
  • Neil (R) & Bruce (R)
  • Liam (R) & Noel II (R)
  • Tobe (C)
  • Lucy (C) (adopted step-cat of husband)
  • I Love Everything About This

    My God. It's a cake with a hedgehog on it, celebrating the first birthday of a real life hedgehog, also pictured, who is named Shakespeare.

    From Cute Overload


    Happy Valentine's

    Humorous Pictures
    see more crazy cat pics

    I'm in love…

    …with this extremely fat cat who happens to look an awful lot like my childhood kitty, Cinderella.

    Look at my pictures, damnit!

    My lovely Thanksgiving (vegetarian) mince pie.

    The Fun Forest (Featuring a giant cup of nacho cheese and some pretty strange rules for riding the rides.)

    Mustache Bash. (Featuring Ben's white elephant gift: the Unauthorized Biography of Vanilla Ice.)

    And finally… A hilarious series of pictures featuring Tobe with a giant ball of fur sticking out of his mouth!

    Goodbye Liam

    Condolences to Meep.

    Liam, you'll be missed.

    My cat can eat a whole watermelon!

    It’s widely known that my cat, Tobe, is Special Needs. Whatever happened to him before he came to live with me took quite a toll on his little brain and there are many normal cat activities he has been unable to comprehend. For instance, try as he might, he is terrible at grooming himself, and seems to clean every part of his body except for the one that actually gets dirty. This has recently earned him the nickname “Stinky Britches” from Auntie Faye.

    Another kitty activity he has been unable to grasp is the Laser Pointer Game. For months, he has watched Marilyn chase the red dot around the apartment, and, when faced with it himself, it has either frightened him or confused him into sleepiness.

    This all changed last night! I don’t know what happened, what clicked in his sweetly challenged brain, but somehow, he suddenly understood what he was meant to do.

    My baby learned a new trick!

    Granted he looks silly as ever clumsily bounding his 15-pound ass through the small space, and he still gets a little confused and/or distracted after a few minutes. But the bottom line is that he did actually learn something new. Something I’d previously thought was far too complex for him. This warms my heart to no end.

    I love my retarded little kitty cat.

    Happy Birthday Liam and Noel!

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    Liam and Noel are Faye's adorable rodents. I can't find a picture of the camera shy, Noel, but here's Liam! The above picture is of some other, much fatter rodent enjoying his birthday cake, much like Faye's boys will be doing tonight.

    They are two-years old today!


    My deepest condolences go to Green Dusty for the loss of his beautiful and sweet dog, Lady.