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This morning I realized that a LOT of people live in a vaguely Groundhog Day-like existence. This came to me this morning when I was walking my usual 5-block route from the bus stop to my office. The guy who sits outside of Rite Aid and tries to sell you cookies? Check. The young man with the Ricki-From-American-Beauty hat who works in my building and always catches up with my route two blocks from our destination? Check. The little girl with the backpack and her mother who stand on the kitty-corner from the library waiting for something (a bus, the father? I never find out)? Check. The man in the big red coat who sells Real Change outside my building? Check. If my make the 7:45 bus, I see these people every morning at the same moments without fail. On my way home, it’s a similar story. The bald Goth (I really want to know where he works) who is perpetually on his mobile gets on the 5:05 #10 bus with me every day. Our bus driver is a surly (but funny) black man who takes shit from no-one. In a way, knowing I will see these things every day is comforting. I feel a vague connection to all these people, knowing that even though we are in somewhat of a daily rut, we are in it together. In another way, I find the whole thing creepy and off-putting.

Regardless, when I leave this job, I will have to work my way into a different routine. Wonder who I’ll meet then…



It was an amicable breakup conversation. Boss Man actually retracted his statement from last week about how he “wouldn't have hired” me in retrospect. He said he knows I do a great job and he always raves about me to other people we work with. He also said he was saddened by the fact that we were having this conversation but that he thought I had some good points. I think I caught him off guard because he said he needs to speak with one of the Powers That Be to give him “another perspective” on what to do. He also said that he was concerned about me just taking another job that isn't as good for me or doesn't pay as well just because I'm desperate for work. He said he'd rather I seek employment in my own time frame rather than just setting an abstract deadline for my departure. So I guess that means I can start looking for a job now and, if one comes up that is too good to pass up (i.e. equal to or better than the situation I'm in now), I can take it, but that I don't HAVE to leave June 1st if I'm not ready to go. He also said he wished he knew people in the film industry that he could hook me up with. One of our clients apparently has her own commercial production business and he said he could talk to her to see if she needs any help. He was very sympathetic and very eager to make sure that I do what is best for me. He also said he really appreciated the fact that I had the company's interest in mind whilst making this decision. He doesn't necessarily know if The Golden Child is an easy replacement for my job. The end result of today's conversation: He will speak with the PTB and he and I will speak again on Friday. No one is mad and no one is out for blood. I feel much better about things now. We will see what the PTB says though because she has a history of not liking me (or anybody) very much.

In the meantime, I need to start making some doctor's appointments.


I'm breaking up with job today at 12:30. Wish me luck. I spoke with the intern yesterday and she is definitely still uber-keen on having my job. So hopefully it will be as easy all as that.
I think the Boss knows that we're going to be having a serious chat because he suggested we do it over lunch.

My plan is to suggest that I train the Golden Child for the next two months until she is ready to be hired full time. Meanwhile, I will be saving whatever money I can and looking for new employment. And then, in June, I can cash in my remaining vacation days and get out of here. This is the best case scenario. Obviously, the worst case scenario is that my boss can tell me to leave now.

I will update later with some (hopefully) happy news of the first scenario.

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Since Faye and I were commissioned to bake the wedding cake for our friends Adam and Eva (no joke about the names…although I’m sure some people would attempt a joke. And those people are LAME), we had a lot of baking to do. Luckily, I had Good Friday off and was able to get a lot of baking in before Faye came over to do her frosting thang. We took a brief (but probably not brief enough) break to go to the Six Arms for dinner and then back to the kitchen (where we, being women, belong). At this point, I was having a mini panic attack because my kitchen had exploded in crumbs and frosting but I tried to calm down using beer. I woke up on the couch a while later as Faye was exiting the apartment.

Faye and I woke up in our respective pads and got back to the kitchen. I still had one cake left to make because one of them had broken. We need enough cake for 200 people so I guess the odds are against us that all 8 cakes would turn out ok. However, for some unfortunate reason, I could not bake that last cake properly. 3 cakes later, the last one was “aight” and we were ready to go into the final frosting phase. Even with all this preparation, we were behind schedule and had to do a rush job on making ourselves pretty for the wedding. After one last check to make sure we didn’t have frosting in our hair, we sped off to the South Lake Union Naval Base with 8 cakes and an extreme hankering for free booze.

The ceremony was short and sweet. (Probably 10 minutes tops. Hooray for brevity. Oh, and also love). It also had THE best line I have heard in wedding vows thus far: “Though my mind and body will eventually fail, my love for you will not”.

The dinner buffet was catered by Araya vegetarian Thai restaurant which is now my favorite Thai restaurant in all of Seattle even though I’ve never officially been there. Usually, at weddings, the vegetarians get to eat some potatoes and some salad and MAYBE a pasta dish if we’re lucky. Thanks to Araya, we had our choice of THREE curries and the most delicious fried rice known to man. There was also a, I kid you not, CHOCOLATE FONDUE FOUNTAIN. It was beautiful and so very Wonka and, if I may be Veruca Salt about it, I WANT ONE.

After many many glasses of white wine, the party looked to be winding down. So we called our friends to see if we could meet up with them. (Our dear and talented friends The Tangents, were playing at the café above the College Inn and we thought we would have to miss it.) Turns out, the Tangents hadn’t started yet, so Dom carted mine and Faye’s already drunk asses to the U-District. The Tangents were playing when we got there and they sounded amazing. Faye and I erroneously convinced ourselves that we needed to continue drinking. And drink we did. Next thing we knew, it was last call and we were hammered. But we had gotten to have the best of both worlds; both attending our friends blessed union and seeing The Tangents. There is little better than drunken bonding with the people you already love hanging out with. Dom carted several of us drunkies home for the Sleep of the Inebriated.

Ugh. It’s getting harder and harder to drink without severe consequences. Faye and I chatted on MSN and tried to piece the previous evening together. Dom was a big help in this endeavor. Swearing not to drink again, until next weekend, we got ready to go have our first interviews as filmmakers. The man who made our behind-the-scenes documentary wanted to interview me, Dom and Faye so that he would have something to narrate all the footage. He set up a nice little backdrop of concept art and everything. It was very official and very cool! We’ll be on E! in no time.

No yoga today on account of Easter. It’s probably just as well…It's hard to do the Vomit Pose when you already feel like you're going to vomit.

These things are all relative though…

I've taken tests before wherein I was a lot more of a degenerate. Oh well…

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Link: The 100 Point Sexual Purity Test written by ocicat on Ok Cupid

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Dear Jesus,

I want to thank you. Because of you, I got a day off work. Because of you, I got to work on festival submission stuff and watch back to back reruns of Dawson's Creek on my jammies. Jesus, because you made the ultimate sacrifice, I was able to do these things. You may get a bad wrap, but I think you're pretty rad. Just please stay out of public schools and the government or I will have to put the smack down.


Ridiculously Long Meme. But I had to do it.

Have you ever…? Continue reading


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I think I may have just turned a corner.

I just had a very long meeting with my boss. First, he explained the nature of our arguments last week. I guess he had tried to lecture the other two monkeys on coming in late and working on other stuff during work hours. (I guess the Lil’est Dictator had done her taxes during work hours.) In their defense they said, “Well, Jessica checks her email during work”, to which he replied that he doesn’t want that either. This prompted him to have the PTB do the Big Brother Block. He didn’t mean for ALL the sites to get blocked. Just hotmail, yahoo and gmail. So he ammended that and the rest of my internet is free now. But not gmail. I still have my one secret email reprieve, thankfully, or my film career would be significantly stalled. And whatever. That's all fine. I can understand him wanting people working while they get paid (even if most companies don't seem to be bothered about email use).

But here's the part that's fucked. That topic led us to another discussion wherein he asked me how my movie thing was going. I guess, going forward, he doesn’t want to hire any new people (reception included) unless they want SPECIFICALLY to work their way up in an investment management firm and work their for the rest of their lives. He said that in hindsight, he probably wouldn’t have hired me. Nothing personal, just that he knows my heart isn’t in it and he would hate to keep promoting people around me. I told him that wouldn’t bother me but that if I was unable to get pay raises based on long-term commitment, that WOULD bother me. Unfortunately, it turns out that my salary is basically capped. He said he might be able to adjust with inflation or bonuses whatever, but that he can’t promise that my salary will ever go any higher as long as I’m here. This is apparently based ENTIRELY on the fact that I don’t want to do this job for the rest of my life. So no matter how hard I work, I can’t get rewarded. And even if the other monkeys don’t necessarily work very hard, they CAN get rewarded just for enthusiasm that I can never muster. So…fuck this. If I have to keep a day job (which, for now, I do) I want to work for a big faceless corporation that doesn’t care if I want to be here or not as long as I do my work. I want raises based on work quality, punctuality and general attitude, not based on whether or not my long-term goals are in line with my bosses. So if any of my big corporate monkey friends have any openings in their firms, PLEASE let me know. Seriously. $30k to start would be really nice as I don’t want to have to take an immediate pay cut. But I WILL if it’s, say, Amazon (especially IMDB). I would also require benefits. So this is it. It’s decision time. And I’ve decided not to be the black sheep of this fucking farm anymore.

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You can see photos from London here!

For some reason a lot of them are blurry. I guess there's not a lot of light in The Olde Smoke. Nevertheless, please pay particular attention to some of my favorites:

1) Me, J.J. and Stewie.
2) The statue of a woman giving a handjob to a dolpin.
3) My horrific but necessary George McFly impression.
4) Gimpy pigeons with no feet.
5) “What the eff?”
6) The fantastic view of the tops of Idlewild's head.
7) The Winchester!
8) The stage inside the Chislehurst Caves where Floyd, Zeppelin and Hendrix played.