For all the satisfactions satire



Since Faye and I were commissioned to bake the wedding cake for our friends Adam and Eva (no joke about the names…although I’m sure some people would attempt a joke. And those people are LAME), we had a lot of baking to do. Luckily, I had Good Friday off and was able to get a lot of baking in before Faye came over to do her frosting thang. We took a brief (but probably not brief enough) break to go to the Six Arms for dinner and then back to the kitchen (where we, being women, belong). At this point, I was having a mini panic attack because my kitchen had exploded in crumbs and frosting but I tried to calm down using beer. I woke up on the couch a while later as Faye was exiting the apartment.

Faye and I woke up in our respective pads and got back to the kitchen. I still had one cake left to make because one of them had broken. We need enough cake for 200 people so I guess the odds are against us that all 8 cakes would turn out ok. However, for some unfortunate reason, I could not bake that last cake properly. 3 cakes later, the last one was “aight” and we were ready to go into the final frosting phase. Even with all this preparation, we were behind schedule and had to do a rush job on making ourselves pretty for the wedding. After one last check to make sure we didn’t have frosting in our hair, we sped off to the South Lake Union Naval Base with 8 cakes and an extreme hankering for free booze.

The ceremony was short and sweet. (Probably 10 minutes tops. Hooray for brevity. Oh, and also love). It also had THE best line I have heard in wedding vows thus far: “Though my mind and body will eventually fail, my love for you will not”.

The dinner buffet was catered by Araya vegetarian Thai restaurant which is now my favorite Thai restaurant in all of Seattle even though I’ve never officially been there. Usually, at weddings, the vegetarians get to eat some potatoes and some salad and MAYBE a pasta dish if we’re lucky. Thanks to Araya, we had our choice of THREE curries and the most delicious fried rice known to man. There was also a, I kid you not, CHOCOLATE FONDUE FOUNTAIN. It was beautiful and so very Wonka and, if I may be Veruca Salt about it, I WANT ONE.

After many many glasses of white wine, the party looked to be winding down. So we called our friends to see if we could meet up with them. (Our dear and talented friends The Tangents, were playing at the café above the College Inn and we thought we would have to miss it.) Turns out, the Tangents hadn’t started yet, so Dom carted mine and Faye’s already drunk asses to the U-District. The Tangents were playing when we got there and they sounded amazing. Faye and I erroneously convinced ourselves that we needed to continue drinking. And drink we did. Next thing we knew, it was last call and we were hammered. But we had gotten to have the best of both worlds; both attending our friends blessed union and seeing The Tangents. There is little better than drunken bonding with the people you already love hanging out with. Dom carted several of us drunkies home for the Sleep of the Inebriated.

Ugh. It’s getting harder and harder to drink without severe consequences. Faye and I chatted on MSN and tried to piece the previous evening together. Dom was a big help in this endeavor. Swearing not to drink again, until next weekend, we got ready to go have our first interviews as filmmakers. The man who made our behind-the-scenes documentary wanted to interview me, Dom and Faye so that he would have something to narrate all the footage. He set up a nice little backdrop of concept art and everything. It was very official and very cool! We’ll be on E! in no time.

No yoga today on account of Easter. It’s probably just as well…It's hard to do the Vomit Pose when you already feel like you're going to vomit.