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Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day. Being moderately Irish, as most Americans are, Faye and I had our annual St. Paddy's Day feast and screening of Darby O'Gill and the little people last night. Faye made veggie “meat”balls smothered in a delicious Guinness cream sauce. I made vegetarian Bubble and Squeak (the leftovers of which I'm enjoying right at this moment). Black and Tans (or half and halfs, if you want to be politically correct about things), were had by many, and laughter by all. Gotta love any holiday that celebrates drinking. (Well, I suppose technically, it celebrates a snake-free Ireland, but, like most holidays, history and tradition have obliterated the original intent of the holiday almost entirely. Yahoo!)

I spoke to my boss about the internet situation today. He denied any knowledge of it at first. Later, he sent me an email coming clean about having ordered the Big Brotherization of my computer. We have been engaged in email discourse ever since. I am arguing that I don't let the internet get in the way of my work (which really is true, for the most part. I always get my work done). He is arguing that people should never have any down time at work. I am arguing that I had thought we had a good system of open communication here that should have allowed him to feel comfortable enough to discuss such matters with me, rather that blocking things and denying it. I am also arguing that I shouldn't be singled out (to which he replied that he will make sure no one has access to email). We are still working things out. The bottom line is that I definitely feel a rift here. I always thought I had a pretty good relationship with my boss, but I guess I was wrong. It's still all about making money for him. He also seems to have a hard time realising that even though this company is HIS life, it isn't necessarily anyone else's (and it certainly isn't mind…I'm not getting paid enough for it to be). I know it's probably too much to ask that I have access to personal email here. I'm sure most companies, if they scrutinized the situation carefully enough, wouldn't allow it for their employees. But it still feels like unnecessary regulation. Afterall, how am I supposed to feel loyal to a company that doesn't trust that I am getting my work done? In a company this small, it really hurts business to have those kinds of rifts between employer and employee (and co-workers, for that matter). Furthermore, employees who aren't necessarily INTO the job they perform, NEED little outlets like email and LJ to keep from getting disgruntled enough to become violent. FURTHERfurthermore, if I wasn't able to work on my movie career whilst working my day job, I would be stuck here forever. And then someone really would have to die.
Blah! BLAH, I say!

In unrelated news, I REALLY wish I'd written this.