Long London Update Part 3

We made our way to the Tower of London. I hadn't been there since I was 16. I had gone with my father and I remembered it being really cool. A highlight for me had been the torture chamber which not only showed how the devices were used with dummies, but also had a display case full of “inadvertent” torture devices such as chastity belts. That exhibit really stuck with me. For some reason, it is no longer there. In fact, the whole place is pretty much a huge rip off. The coolest part is the architecture outside and the fact that a giant castle sits in the middle of a big modern city. The inside is mostly just tourists and a few people in silly costumes with the odd cool display of weaponry. Not worth 14 pounds each, I'll tell you what. The giant fucking ravens were still there though. Those things are amazing.
We took it easy Friday night too. I wasn't feeling very well. So we watched Comic Relief on telly. Most of it was pretty lame but there were odd bits that were priceless genius. I guess it's probably the same as Comic Relief in the U.S. Do they even still do that? Are Whoopie, Billy and Robin still friends?
Anyway, it kind of just made me want to watch the Comic Relief episode of The Office.
TANGENT Has anyone seen the promo for the American version of The Office? Apparently they ARE still going through with it. It premieres pretty soon on network TV. It was only a 30 second promo but the whole time I felt like my brain was being scanned. Fucking horrible

Woke up late because I couldn't sleep a wink the night before. Too many springs jabbing into my back. Probably having been saturated with images of small orphaned children with AIDS didn't help matters. We had a quick breakfast, checked email and then met our UK consulate Tom at Tower Bridge station to make the geeky obligatory trek out to The Winchester. It's actually not called the Winchester. It's called The Duke of Albany and it's in Southeast London. But for one shining moment, it was The W and we had to see it. We were a little unsure about whether or not we should go in but we decided to suck it up and do it. Once inside, we discovered it to be rather pleasant. A jolly woman behind the counter took our order and we had a pint next to the fireplace, which was adorned with pictures from the day(s) of shooting. They only shot the exteriors of the pub. It was still a very cool experience and I'm glad we went.
We then went hunting for some food. We ended up an a Lebanese place. I had never had Lebanese but it's apparently your standard Middle Eastern Falafal situation. It's also very very delicious.
Food in our bellies, we hit a few trendy pubs before it was clubbing time. I had been wanting to hit an indie club, as there is positively NO good indie nights in Seattle. Well, there are apparently few good indie nights left in London either. But it was still better than your average night at Polyesther's. We got a little dancing and drinking in and mini-cabbed it back home.

This being our last day of vacation, we felt we should take it easy. We had a nice, long, lingering breakfast and then saw a screening of “The Life Aquatic”. I liked it, but I can see what the critics mean when they say that it's lacking the soul of Anderson's first three films.
We spent the evening packing and drifted off to restless sleep with “The Annabel Chong Story” playing on TV.

We knew we were in for a long day. It wasn't nearly as stressful as getting there though. Watched some more Alan Partridge. I also watched “Closer” (which I liked. Even though Natalie Portman still annoys me. I found out later that the guy who wrote the film used to write for all Steve Coogan's projects so I don't feel so bad about enjoying the film). I also watched “Mean Creek” which was pretty good. Customs was pretty easy to get through. It's actually harder to drive back from Canada than it is to come back from the UK. Weird. I probably could have smuggled a lot more Caffrey's for Faye. Oh well. Now I know for next time.
We arrived home around 10:00 to a nice clean house (thank you, Faye), a lovely little “Welcome Home” sign (Faye again) and a very amorous Marilyn who missed her daddy like you wouldn't believe. But I think her relief that he actually came home again has turned into anger and she's gone from being relatively quiet and friendly, back to her usual loud and snubby self. She won't be so big when I adopt my own kitty next month. But that's a different story…

And that's Jessica and Dom's Jolly Good Adventure…

Happy St. Paddy's Day! Slainte!

It's quiz day!

Because I'm avoiding work, here's another quiz. This one's pretty interesting. Find out if you're more Yankee or Dixie. I'm 55% Dixie. I think it's because I grew up in the south but had northern parents. And there were some pronunciations in the south that I just HAD to refuse to assimilate to.

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