don`t be an asshole Amie

I just saw the new Stranger. Apparently, the person who paid for a rave movie review in their Strangercrombie auction is none other than the director of “Muffin Man”. Now, all I know of this film is that a friend of mine was the lead actor in it. I have never seen it and cannot vouch for it. But I can say that if I paid for a “rave” review in the Stranger I would be pretty fucking pissed when I read a review like that one. It's full of back handed “compliments” and mentions over and over and over again that the reviewer was PAID to write a “rave” review.

The other day, I realized the PRECISE mentality of the staff on that paper. They are the high school newspaper staff. Too nerdy to be accepted by the popular kids, they use their position on the “journalism” staff to make fun of people they don't like. They write simply to amuse themselves and never learn anything about real journalistic integrity.


Hence there was nothing

I filed my taxes last night. It was the first time that I not only didn't get a return, but I OWED the government money. (Or at least the first time since I've been filing on my own). I already paid over $3000 in taxes last year and I OWED the government money. Dom says I should blame it on Bushy and I'm inclined to believe him. I wish my republican and well-paid boss were here so that I could ask him if he got a return this year.

In other news, today is my last day in this country for 12 days. I'm off to receive verbal flogging from Europeans for the gross misconduct of my country and it's “leader”. And I will enjoy it. How very Catholic of me.