More pics.

Scrappper's Scary-oke pics are better than mine.

Also, I bought some snacks earlier today. The total was $6.66. Rad.

Halloween Pics

My pics from Friday are here.

Weekend Recap


As soon as I could leave work (5:15), I hopped on a bus to Ravenna to help Brugos set up for the party. He was supposed to have left work at 3:30 and so, when he wasn't at his house, I assumed he was at the store or something, and well into his preparations. I let myself in and set about look at pictures of bruises on google for my costume. When he got back around 6, he was kind of stressed out. I guess he had left work pretty late and had gotten nothing done. So I tried to be as helpful as I could by doing a little decorating and fetching us dinner. It all worked out in the end. The karaoke machine arrived around 7:30 and the first guests about an hour later. By 11, the place was packed. About half of the guests were people I didn't know (and many of them, apparently, were also strangers to Brugos). There was much singing and dancing and making out. It was every bit the rager. Elyse and Wade's Fraggle costumes were adorable. Brugos looked quite good as Al Swearengen. Apparently, my bruise makeup was pretty realistic because Rocko thought I'd actually been battered. Meep was sexy as an undercover assassin. Things got a little out of control for a while. Someone drank all of my vodka. There was some crying. At one point, apparently, Matt's (Brugos' roommate) dog bit a crazy girl in the nose. Brugos and I began to slack on the DJing and strangers struggled to opperate the machine, so we heard a couple of songs twice. Around 3:00, a group of people no one knew, yet who were among the last to leave, began to sing the entire Beastie Boys catalog. It was then that I realised I don't like the Beastie Boys. Brugos exacerbated his bruised rib by attempting to do The Worm. Eventually, the strangers left and Brugos and I were just about to go to bed when one of his co-workers and a guy in a poncho came in from the back yard. They quickly exited the front door. We probably should have made sure that the last few people who left were ok to drive, but we just wanted to go to bed. It was a fun party, to be sure, but Brugos declared that it was the last one he would ever throw. This is probably an overstatement, but I could see his point.


We stayed in bed for as long as possible so as to prolong dealing with the wreck downstairs. Eventually, hunger forced us out the door. The scene at Cafe Racer was surreal as usual. This time, however, it was not the owner, but the clientèle that was making with the weirdness. A fey bald man in sunglasses and a trench coat came in with his straggly, vaguely homeless looking companion and ordered a drink with 3 shots. The owner attempted to explain that they brew double shots and so if he wanted the extra shot, he could have it. While this was clear to everyone listening, it was not clear to the bald man. “You are not understanding me. I would like THREE shots,” he demanded. The owner once again explained that he could have his 3, but there would be a 4th that would go unclaimed unless he wanted it in his drink. “I would like THREE shots. Do you understand what I am telling you, Cochise?” said the man. Yes, really. Cochise. “And my friend here would like a cookie.” As the owner prepared the coffee for the companion, he asked the bald man how he was enjoying his coffee with the THREE shots, he replied “I have not yet TRIED my coffee. I am standing here waiting to pay you.” Good lord. There was also a strange exchange between a Husky football player and the vagrant companion about origami. I didn't hear it as I was still listening to the bald man be bitchy, but Brugos said the vagrant hilariously repeated himself in his explanation of the concept. “It's about paper and folding and zen and your soul and paper and your soul and folding.” If I believed in that sort of thing, I would suspect that Cafe Racer actually existed in an alternate dimension.

Our bellies full, we walked back to the house, picking up the keg cups and bits of Fraggle costume that had made their way to the end of the block. We then plowed into the cleaning. Several trips to the recycling bin and several of Brugos' declaration about never having a party again later, we had actually made some headway. We took a few songs breaks (until the machine was taken away) and one ANTM break so that I could confirm that Fabio is indeed the creepiest”sex symbol” alive. We were done with all but mopping by 2:00, at which time Brugos had plans to go to the Husky game and I had a meeting to attend.

I was supposed to meet Brugos back in the U.D. for dinner, so I decided to leave the Hill early in an attempt to avoid the Husky traffic. I wandered around a little bit and checked out Tiger Tiger. I've always wanted to go in there but avoided it since I loathe shopping unless it's under very specific circumstances…like time killing by myself. After that, I got an Irish coffee at Flowers and read until Brugos called to say the game was in overtime and that I should meet him at his friend Joey's house. I wandered up to Joey's and hung out with her and her Chihuahua brood until the boys returned from the game. We got some Mexican takeaway and played the new Marvel game for X-Box (which was pretty fun) until it was time to go to the House of Fun party. We made a decision early on that we didn't feel like bothering to dress up again. We're not really sure why, but people kept asking us why we “changed our costumes”. Umm…this is actually just what we look like. But thanks!

The scene at the H.o.F. was kind of weird. We didn't really know that many people there besides Elyse and Wade (I guess Brugos' friends showed up later) so instead we decided to go back to Ravenna with Brad and his girl to smoke and play Catan. That sounds awfully nerdy in print. I was glad we did it though. I didn't feel physically hung over but I was definitely emotionally wrecked. Partying is hard work, dudes.


We spent a leisurely morning eating leftover curry and watching BSG. Then Brugos and I raked leaves in his backyard. When I was a kid, I loathed yard work. I would probably feel differently if it was something I HAD to do, but in this case, I actually enjoyed it.

After showering, we went out in search of nachos, only to find many bars closed. I found out today that it was due to power outages. It was certainly bastardly windy yesterday so in retrospect it makes sense. We finally found nachos (and a fireplace! and football for the lad) at Dante's. We had a lovely chat and Brugos beat me twice at air hockey.

Then we returned to the Hill to watch a little Angel before heading to Scrapper's to watch brilliant b-movie/gay porn horror film LEECHES! on his giant TV. Dudes. Leeches! Netflix it now.

When I was a kid, I also hated Sundays. Now, I love them.


Also: Halloween pics forthcoming.


It's Official

Jared Leto is now as amusingly pathetic and insane as Courney Love. He's always been a bit of a heel, but now that he's in a Hot Topic Goth band with a pretentious, nonsensical name, and symbolically argues with himself in music videos, he seems to think that his eyeliner don't smudge. Read these recent accounts of how he went apeshit and assaulted two people at some MTV thing: The wee and docile Elijah Wood and blogebrity Scott Stereogum. The fact that he thinks ANYONE should take him seriously after…well…his ENTIRE career thus far, is astounding.

Halloween Meme

MarkTapioKines makes the best memes!


1. What past Halloween costume of yours do you remain particularly proud of?
Sadly, the best one was probably not until last year. I was Edina to Faye's Patsy.

2. Are there any other costumes – worn by someone other than yourself – that you remember as being really clever?
Elyse's Courney Love was particularly brilliant. Complete with Francis Bean cabbage patch doll that she flung around all night.

3. What was the lamest costume you've ever seen?
Jacob's “Rimmer”. Similar to Mark's friend's Tycho Brahe costume, he simply taped a foil H to hid forhead.

4. As a child (under 18), did you ever dress up as a Star Wars character for Halloween?
Like Mark, I too was once a Jawa.

5. What's the sexiest Halloween costume you ever wore?
It's probably going to be this year's Gem Saloon Whore to Brugos' Al Swearengen. I've mostly tended toward the comical rather than sexy. And when I was Wonder Woman (several years in a row) I was too young to be considered sexy (legally, anyway).

6. Can I see a photo of that?
Yes. After this weekend.


7. During your primary treak-or-treating phase, was there ever a year when you did NOT go out? Why?
I was grounded one year for prematurely snacking on our Halloween candy.

8. What kind of candy in your trick-or-treat bag did you never, or almost never, eat?
Vanilla tootsie rolls.

9. Did you ever pull any “tricks,” like smashing a jack o'lantern or TP'ing someone's house on Halloween?
I egged some mailboxes one year when I fell in with a bad crowd. I felt really bad about it and never did anything like that again.

10. What was the most unusual “treat” you received at a neighbor's house?
Watchtower magazine.

11. How old were you when you went trick-or-treating for the last time?
18. My freshman year roommate and I decided to go out for a lark.

12. Do trick-or-treaters come to your door, where you're living now?
Nope. I live in an apartment so even if there WERE kids around (instead of old people), it would be quite the hassle for them to buzz me.


13. What's a little-known or underrated scary movie you'd recommend to people this Halloween?

14. Do you believe in ghosts?
No. But I'd like to.

15. Have you ever seen a dead human body, outside of a funeral?
Yes. I saw a dead homeless guy in a doorway in New York. I've seen a few dead people on the side of the road in car accidents. Hospitals. Also, the entire Bodies exhibit was full of dead people. And it was neat.

16. What's the most frightening thing that ever happened to you personally?
Nearly being hit by a car.

17. Who's scarier looking, Dick Cheney or Donald Rumsfeld?


18. Do you wish Halloween would just be celebrated on the last Saturday of October, when you could really cut loose, instead of the 31st every year?
Doesn't really matter. People are always going to have parties the weekend before.

19. Provided you had the resources, would you rather set up an amazing Haunted House in your front yard (or parking lot, or apartment hallway, or whatever) or go to a really great party wearing the best costume in the room?
Party. I want other people to entertain ME on Halloween.

20. Is Halloween your favorite holiday of the year?
Yes. Absolutely.

Weekend Recap


Meep, B. and I kicked our evening off with a trip to the Meridian to see Not the Illuuuuuuusionist: Batman Vs. Wolverine. The acting was good. The story was, for the most part, engaging. But the “twist ending” was…not much of a twist.

Next, we headed up the Hill to meet the Booze clan and celebrate Christie's birthday. The party was uneventful until around 1:30 when B. and Brother Booze got into an argument about shoe size (B claimed that a man so tall (well over 6 feet) should not have such small feet). This led to a wrestling match in which B was awfully out weight-classed. But my man is scrappy and so the wrestling continued until Scott put an end to the madness. I, the helpful girlfriend that I am, took pictures. Unfortunately, it was with Brother Booze’s camera. So hopefully he still has them and is willing to upload them.


In preparation for the Pie Party, I spent much of the day grocery shopping and baking. I also got a little cleaning done. Naturally, all this was accomplished bare-footed while NOT watching The Little Vampire on TV.

B picked me up around 9 and we were fortunate enough to find parking near Corey's Nautically-Themed Bar. Alas, we were early. But pies began to trickle in, and, before we knew it, we were stuffed silly with home-baked goodness. The deliciousness included a Pumpkin Apple Butter, a Pumpkin Cheesecake, a Pecan, a Bacon Pie (a.k.a. quiche), an Apple, and my own Key Lime (with raspberry sauce).

B and I took our leave early to attend a birthday party at the Knarr. It was a struggle to stay awake after all that pie-gorging, but we managed to make it till (mostly) last call.


In accordance with a recent hankering, we breakfasted at the Wayward Cafe on vegan biscuits and gravy and chocolate/coconut pancakes. Next, we headed to Greenwood for a baby shower. We immediately regretted having stuffed ourselves so silly, because Beth had made a delicious-looking spread of mini-sandwiches, stuffed mushrooms and cream puffs. We did, however, have room for some brunch drinks. (i.e. Bloody Marys and Mimosas). The guest of honor arrived and we got into the baby shower games which involved guessing baby food flavors and identifying melted candy bars in diapers. I'm told that these are pretty typical games for a shower. This being my first one, however, I had fun playing them.

Then the gift haul was brought out and the guest of honor began to sift through them. I was pretty amazed at how many nerd/indie baby clothes and accessories exist in the world. But I suppose I shouldn't be. X-Files fans and hip liberals have kids too so why shouldn't someone make a “I Want To Believe” or “I'm already smarter than the president” onesie? Brighton Butterfield is going to be a well-dressed nerd complete with his own giant, fuzzy twenty sided die and plush Cthulhu. He also has his Fancy Dress issues taken care of in the form of a Superman costume and a Darth Vadar Fleece (from Yours Truly).

After the shower, B needed to do something manly (and also pick up his card from the night before), so we had a quick drink at the Knarr and he checked on the football score. We killed a little time with some cigars and conversation in the back yard before heading to Buckley, Washington to explore the Haunted Corn Field. This thing was awesome. I highly recommend it. It was very well put-together. There must have been a hundred people in that corn field, each with a different method of scaring the patrons. My favorite parts were the spinny black light room, the pitch-black maze room, and the bloody outdoor bathroom set. I also really liked the big maze at the end in which we were stalked by a maniac with a chainsaw. The whole thing was very cool I strongly suggest checking it out before the season ends.

On our way back from Buckey, we stopped, along with the Brunswicks, at a casino in Auburn for a quick drink. We were amazed when our total for two (hard) drinks came to $3.50. Yowsa. Too bad Auburn is, well, in Auburn.

Next Weekend: Halloween Parties!

Now, when you're on the road, people are going to try to adopt you…

My eternal gratitude to Dom for alerting me to the fact that the one and only Crispin Hellion Glover will be in town from November 3rd through 5th presenting his much-anticipated directorial debut What Is It?, which features a mostly down-syndrome afflicted cast and which Glover also wrote. Whether or not it's any “good”, it will most CERTAINLY be a film that no one will ever forget. I mean, just look at the stills on his website! And the poster!

It's going to be insane! I've already got tickets for the Friday show. And if you are interested in going, you should DEFINITELY get tickets ahead of time because this WILL sell out. Crispy himself will be presenting the film and talking for an hour after each presentation. I have no doubt that some of the more hardcore fans (and yes, there are fans who are more hardcore than me) will be attending all 3 nights. So, in many ways, I imagine the audience will be just as compelling as the film itself.

You would be a fool to miss this.

office perril

Oh bowl of Cream Pumpkins, you shall be my undoing!


Lamenting the Hedgehog

Oh, would that the premiere of BSG weren't tonight! A chance to wear pajamas in public AND hang out with Ron Jeremy is certainly a tempting alternative:

Porn-Star Pajama Party
Move over foam party, it's pajama-jammie time! That's right, a real, live pajama party hosted by none other than Ron “I get more ass than a toilet seat!” Jeremy. Not only do you get to meet the world-famous Hedgehog, but there's some sort of “best evening wear” contest and a chance to win 500 bucks. Something tells me it's better to show up in some barely there lingerie versus that Sylvester the Cat souvenir “Theattle” nightshirt your mom bought at the Pike Place Market. (Trinity, 111 Yesler Way, 447-4140. 9 pm, $10.)

Happy Frackin' Friday!