Halloween Meme

MarkTapioKines makes the best memes!


1. What past Halloween costume of yours do you remain particularly proud of?
Sadly, the best one was probably not until last year. I was Edina to Faye's Patsy.

2. Are there any other costumes – worn by someone other than yourself – that you remember as being really clever?
Elyse's Courney Love was particularly brilliant. Complete with Francis Bean cabbage patch doll that she flung around all night.

3. What was the lamest costume you've ever seen?
Jacob's “Rimmer”. Similar to Mark's friend's Tycho Brahe costume, he simply taped a foil H to hid forhead.

4. As a child (under 18), did you ever dress up as a Star Wars character for Halloween?
Like Mark, I too was once a Jawa.

5. What's the sexiest Halloween costume you ever wore?
It's probably going to be this year's Gem Saloon Whore to Brugos' Al Swearengen. I've mostly tended toward the comical rather than sexy. And when I was Wonder Woman (several years in a row) I was too young to be considered sexy (legally, anyway).

6. Can I see a photo of that?
Yes. After this weekend.


7. During your primary treak-or-treating phase, was there ever a year when you did NOT go out? Why?
I was grounded one year for prematurely snacking on our Halloween candy.

8. What kind of candy in your trick-or-treat bag did you never, or almost never, eat?
Vanilla tootsie rolls.

9. Did you ever pull any “tricks,” like smashing a jack o'lantern or TP'ing someone's house on Halloween?
I egged some mailboxes one year when I fell in with a bad crowd. I felt really bad about it and never did anything like that again.

10. What was the most unusual “treat” you received at a neighbor's house?
Watchtower magazine.

11. How old were you when you went trick-or-treating for the last time?
18. My freshman year roommate and I decided to go out for a lark.

12. Do trick-or-treaters come to your door, where you're living now?
Nope. I live in an apartment so even if there WERE kids around (instead of old people), it would be quite the hassle for them to buzz me.


13. What's a little-known or underrated scary movie you'd recommend to people this Halloween?

14. Do you believe in ghosts?
No. But I'd like to.

15. Have you ever seen a dead human body, outside of a funeral?
Yes. I saw a dead homeless guy in a doorway in New York. I've seen a few dead people on the side of the road in car accidents. Hospitals. Also, the entire Bodies exhibit was full of dead people. And it was neat.

16. What's the most frightening thing that ever happened to you personally?
Nearly being hit by a car.

17. Who's scarier looking, Dick Cheney or Donald Rumsfeld?


18. Do you wish Halloween would just be celebrated on the last Saturday of October, when you could really cut loose, instead of the 31st every year?
Doesn't really matter. People are always going to have parties the weekend before.

19. Provided you had the resources, would you rather set up an amazing Haunted House in your front yard (or parking lot, or apartment hallway, or whatever) or go to a really great party wearing the best costume in the room?
Party. I want other people to entertain ME on Halloween.

20. Is Halloween your favorite holiday of the year?
Yes. Absolutely.