Now, when you're on the road, people are going to try to adopt you…

My eternal gratitude to Dom for alerting me to the fact that the one and only Crispin Hellion Glover will be in town from November 3rd through 5th presenting his much-anticipated directorial debut What Is It?, which features a mostly down-syndrome afflicted cast and which Glover also wrote. Whether or not it's any “good”, it will most CERTAINLY be a film that no one will ever forget. I mean, just look at the stills on his website! And the poster!

It's going to be insane! I've already got tickets for the Friday show. And if you are interested in going, you should DEFINITELY get tickets ahead of time because this WILL sell out. Crispy himself will be presenting the film and talking for an hour after each presentation. I have no doubt that some of the more hardcore fans (and yes, there are fans who are more hardcore than me) will be attending all 3 nights. So, in many ways, I imagine the audience will be just as compelling as the film itself.

You would be a fool to miss this.