Lamenting the Hedgehog

Oh, would that the premiere of BSG weren't tonight! A chance to wear pajamas in public AND hang out with Ron Jeremy is certainly a tempting alternative:

Porn-Star Pajama Party
Move over foam party, it's pajama-jammie time! That's right, a real, live pajama party hosted by none other than Ron “I get more ass than a toilet seat!” Jeremy. Not only do you get to meet the world-famous Hedgehog, but there's some sort of “best evening wear” contest and a chance to win 500 bucks. Something tells me it's better to show up in some barely there lingerie versus that Sylvester the Cat souvenir “Theattle” nightshirt your mom bought at the Pike Place Market. (Trinity, 111 Yesler Way, 447-4140. 9 pm, $10.)

Happy Frackin' Friday!