NFT Radar: Savatdee Thai

Look, I know there are about a million Thai restaurants in the Seattle metropolitan area. So when Savatdee opened in the old Blue Onion space, I too was skeptical. But they’re right up the road so I tried them anyway. It changed my life. Their food is incredible. They make all the pads and curries you’d find anywhere. However, every one of those usual suspects is the best version of that dish I’ve ever tasted. They also have some interesting chef’s specials and more unusual fare. I’d never heard of Pad Opp Woonsen (silver noodles and napa cabbage) but now I must order it every single time. For the more adventurous eaters, they offer a separate Lao menu. Perhaps this is closer to what it would be like to actually eat IN Thailand. If so, I’m booking a plane ticket immediately. If the service were terrible, Savatdee would still be worth patronizing, but it’s not. It’s excellent. They also deliver. The next time you crave Thai food, forsake all others and head to Savatdee. If these guys go out of business, I will be devastated. If you don’t want to do it for me, do it for yourself.

5801 Roosevelt Way NE

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