Hotter With a Beard: Malcolm-Jamal Warner Edition

I’m currently in the middle of the second season of “Community”. I know the world already knew how awesome this show was, but I’m just now finding out. So that’s why I’m also just finding out about the hotness that has overtaken Theo Huxtable. He reached teen idol status on “The Cosby Show”, but I hadn’t yet discovered boys when I watched that show so I didn’t really get it. When I became aware of him post-puberty, he looked like this:

Facial hair, yes. But also a tragedy atop his head. And that was what he looked like in my brain until last night when he popped up on “Community” to play Shirley’s husband. I recognized him instantly (the sweater helped), but I also saw him in a whole new light. The hotness light. It’s like a real-life movie makeover. You knew he was hot the whole time, but you needed the haircut to really see it. The internet has already done a side-by-side comparison for me.

Amazing! I really hope it works out between him and Shirley because that’s a face I wouldn’t mind seeing more of. (No spoilers, please!) How about we see more right now.




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  1. Glad you’re finallly watching Community, I knew you would appreciate it’s epic awesomeness. So much more to come too!

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