SXSW 09 – The Aftermath

It was, as per usual, amazing. Though it has gotten a lot harder to get into the night shows without an exorbitantly priced pass or impossible to acquire wristband, we still saw a lot of great bands. Such as:

*The Shaky Hands
*The Paper Chase
*Hey Marseilles
*The Rosebuds
*Juliette and the New Romantiques
*Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head
*The Red Verse

We saw comedy! The likes of Eugene Mirman, Doug Benson, Todd Barry and Janeane Garofolo.

We hit karaoke at Ego’s, which is a bar inside a parking garage. I laid eyes on the most incredible book I’ve ever seen. They had EVERYTHING. It put the old Sunset Bowl system to shame.

We ate. A lot. Queso! Tacos! Vegan tamales! More queso! I can never tire of tex mex, apparently. The street food rocks. Serrano’s has the best happy hour and a lovely patio. Stubb’s Legendary BBQ is just OK.

We found ourselves at a house party in the suburbs and had quite the adventure getting back to our hotel.

Free beer was rampant. I drank my fill of Shiner Bock.

We saw a terrific movie (Grace) and an awful movie (My Suicide – reviews to come).

The weather was OUTSTANDING. My tan lines are back.

See it in pictures here.


Seattle Snowpocalypse 08 is Here!

It’s damn cold in Seattle this week. Like, 18 degrees with windchill cold. We are not accustomed to this sort of cold. I have been wearing as many layers as possible and feeling a little bit like this:

But at least I’m warm. Not that I’m complaining (much). Because there’s actually snow involved in this maddness. There’s still snow on the ground from the 2-3 inches we got on Saturday and an 80% chance of more white stuff tonight. Of course, everyone is freaking out and calling in “snow” to work.

I can’t see any falling flakes yet, but in anticipation the 80 percent inevitable snowpocalypse, here are some pictures of took on Saturday. Snow sure is neat.

Snowman outside 7-11.

Snow and spotlights coming from distant sex shop.

Walkin’ in Ballard.

Our blanketed backyard.

Self portrait.

Snowy Bettie.

Update:Confidential to the weather forecasters, when snow falls from the sky in liquid form, it’s called rain. And that’s exactly what’s happening outside right now. Oh well.

Prop 8 Protest Signs: Greatest Hits

Self-evident, bitches:

Runner up:

And the clear winner:

PS: Hedgehogs Against Hate!

Rockin’ Birthday Eve

My second annual 29th birthday coincided with my new life as a freelancer. The good news about my freelancing career is that so far I have had plenty of work. The bad news is that it’s a little too much work. I have been very busy and very tired and haven’t really had time to blog. So that’s why I’m just getting around to writing about my birthday party. Which was AWESOME.

Some friends, my Mister and I had been noodling around in the basement for a couple of months with instruments making something resembling a band. We played a lot of Weezer because it turns out it’s not that hard. Emily was pretty good with the rapping so we decided to put a couple of verses of “Shoop” in the middle of “Tired of Sex”. That worked out so well that I wrote some raps of my own and we put them into the middle of “Undone” and “Surf Wax America” too. The “Surf Wax” rap is based on the Patrick Swayze character in “Point Break”. We discovered that we weren’t terrible. We gave ourselves a name: The MC Superman Skivvies. And eventually, we got the bug to play in front of people. We happen to know a lot of very talented people who would be fun to share a stage with. Hence: The First Periodic Baxtle of the Bands was planned and scheduled to take place on my birthday. We somehow managed to cram 6 bands and 60-some people into our living room.

The other bands who played were:
Supercolliding Superconductor (involving the awesome Yuna on keyboard and vocals and Arsenio on lead vocals and megaphone)
3X Wogato (another cover band playing Clash, Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello and Roy Orbison)
Floppy Donkey Dick (a brother and sister rock duo)
Tough Guy Mosh (a duo of epic proportions)
Lady Drama (the incredibly talented and professional rock quartet)

The voting was done democracy-style via a ballot box. It was a realistic democracy too on account of the illegal ballot stuffing (not in our favor, by the way) and the fact that not very many people remembered to vote.

All the bands were really phenomenal so there was pretty stiff competition. Lady Drama plays a lot of gigs and all their songs are original. 3X Wogato brings years of experience to the table. But the MC Superman Skivvies won anyway. I like to think it had very little to do with the home court advantage. We recorded the whole show and I’ve uploaded our set onto our new MySpace page. You can hear people singing along and cheering during our set. I think mostly they were genuinely surprised that we were any good. We just need to keep the expectations low and we will do fine as a band. We don’t have any designs for world domination but we would like to play a couple more gigs.

I didn’t drink much before we played. Just enough to ease the nerves. But after we were done, how the bevvies flowed. By the time all the bands were done and the cake was cut, I was appropriately birthday drunk. So much so that I didn’t even recall the occurrence of the late-night jam session, much less taking part in it myself. Thank god for photographs. Now I remember the whole night like I was there. Which I was. I’m fairly certain.

Check out our set on our MySpace page and maybe become our friend! We will play another show soon! And we will have more songs ready by then too!

Also, check out the pictorial evidence of the mayhem here and here.

To the Sisters Go the Spoils

This past Saturday was the 6th Annual Dodecathelon, the 12 event competition created by my husband to be held on his birthday every year. This is the 4th one that I have attended. The last two years, I have come in 3rd place. There was a little strategy involved but I mostly attribute my placement victory to little more than being there all day and not getting too drunk to move. I have never expected to win because my mister’s male friends are generally very competitive and a couple of them have long coveted the Dodeca trophy. (Yes, there really is a trophy).

The events of the Dodeca this year were:

  • The Cook Off (Sweet and Savory Categories)
  • Lawn “Sports”

  • Croquet
  • Bocce Ball
  • Horseshoes
  • Egg Toss
  • Drinking Games

  • Tang (drinking relay race)
  • Keg Stand (Separate gender categories)
  • Pickle-Shot-Pickle-Shot (exactly how it sounds)
  • Indoor Kid Games

  • Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament
  • Dance Dance Revolution
  • Twister
  • Jenga
  • Continue reading

    My Excellent Mexico Adventure

    Three days after our wedding, B. and I woke up at an ungodly hour to catch a 6am flight to Mexico for our honeymoon. We packed only light summer clothing and I pointedly placed my umbrella on the bench by the door saying “I won’t be needing YOU for a while”. This is what they call foreshadowing.

    Several uneventful hours later (apart from enjoying The Savages on the airplane), we arrived in a super long customs line. Eventually, we made it through, rendezvoused with our ride (who was NOT at the exit holding a sign with our names on it as I’d hoped. When’s it gonna be MY turn?!) and we were on our way to our resort, Puerto Aventuras, which lies along the coast about an hour south of Cancun. Continue reading

    Wedding Day Wrap-Up

    You KNOW you want it.

    We had a short but sweet ceremony in Discovery Park. Alex played “The Air That I Breathe” on acoustic guitar. Elyse read “He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven” by William Butler Yeats and then delivered a beautiful (and religion-free) ceremony, thus fulfilling her officiating duties perfectly. B.’s vows promised, among other things, that he would always want to read my blog. I managed to squeeze a quote from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” into mine.

    And then we partied. Oh my how we partied. The Sunset Tavern was the perfect venue. The bartenders were spot-on. The karaoke was wildly popular and our friends all gave astoundingly good performances. Even people who usually steer clear from the mic rocked hard that night. B. and I kicked things off with our first song (as opposed to first dance…that shit ain’t pretty) with “Suddenly Seymour” from the Little Shop of Horrors.

    We were a little disappointed in Starry Nights Catering, but everyone else seemed to really enjoy the food. I think we just had really high expectations for the food because of all the trouble they gave us. (They wouldn’t let us taste the food for free even after we paid the deposit, which was HALF of what we owed. Their initial proposal was astronomical. They wanted to charge a $200 handling fee for renting 2 banquet tables and linens. Luckily, the wedding coordinator took care of that by renting the equipment herself.) The little tarts with playing card suit crust (playing cards were our theme) were really good though. And very cute.

    I also want to give a shout out to the wedding coordinator (who also does full planning, but we didn’t need it), Melissa Bryan of Lush Parties and Events. She was amazing. She thought of everything including many things that never even occurred to us. Not every lady has been planning their wedding since childhood. She also fully understood the low-key affair we were after. Thanks also to Booze for recommending her.

    And now for the pictures!!

    The ceremony.

    wedding ceremony

    The reception.

    karaoke wedding

    What Happens In Vegas Goes on Flickr

    Here are some pictures from our recent Vegas excursion.

    I really loved the MGM Grand lions, especially since I learned they didn’t actually live in that tiny habitat.

    Common children’s names which warrant license plate production.

    What kind of nerd would pretend a garbage can was a Dalek?

    Music in Pictures

    As evidenced by my pictures from the Raconteurs show, rock shows are hard to photograph unless you are right up close.

    Luckily, there was more going on at Tuesday’s Yelle show at The War Room than just fun French pop. The Brunswicks delighted in tormenting a passed out man whose reserved booth we pilfered, with hilarious results.

    I had a great time at Yelle for not knowing most of the songs and not being able to understand any of the words apart from “garcon” and “merci bouquet”. Naturally, she spoke with a cute French accent, which, for some reason sounded a little fake. Especially when she said things like “Do you know how to zsnap your fingeaurs?”. She also smacked the hell out of her giant drum. It was pretty enthralling.

    The crowd was pretty eclectic, but it did have the overwhelming feeling of being in an American Apparel showroom. SO MANY T-SHIRT DRESSES AND BELTS!

    If you’ve never heard of Yelle, check out her retro-tastic video for his biggest hit which she played twice.

    I know I don’t normally like dance music, since I am such an atrocious dancer. But I definitely had fun shaking my uncoordinated tush to Yelle.

    Life Update in Pictures

    Here are some things I've been up to:

    January 08: B’s company Holiday Party with Sci-Fi theme.

    February 08: Flew to Arizona, picked up a car and B. and drove back home.

    March 08: Ides of March themed birthday party for Brick.

    PS: Yes, I finally bought a flickr account. As an aspiring octogenarian, I am a late adopter.