Tales from a Newly Blue State

I just learned that (Democratic) Virginia Governor Tim Kaine, along with the Republican house leaders, introduced a bill that would ban smoking in public bars and restaurants. Of course, California started this and the rest of the world has been following suit. Washington did so several years ago and even though I opposed it at the time, (based on the 30-foot doorway rule) I have come to like it. But I have often said that Virginia will be the last state to do something like this. They have tried this before and it hasn’t passed. It may not pass this time either. But I am happy to hear that it might. Still, a quote in this article explains, besides the fact that Virginia and Philip Morris are synonymous, the reason why this thing will not be easy to pass.

You’re going to tell a guy who fought in the Battle of the Bulge that he can’t have a cigarette with his coffee at the VFW? You can’t do that.

Ah, Dixie. Still, if France can do it, Virginia has a chance. Good luck to Kaine and this bill!


I Support Sam Adams

No, not the award winning beer, although that does have a special place in my heart because of my father’s love for it.

I’m talking about the openly gay Portland mayor who slept with an 18-year old and then lied about it. But then he was busted and now people want him to resign. Now here’s the thing: Lying is absolutely wrong, especially when a politician does it, because they are our leaders and we should be able to trust them. But let’s face some facts, shall we?

1) Politicians are almost ALWAYS hiding something. They shouldn’t be. But they are. Maybe it’s something innocuous that has nothing, really, to do with their job (like having sex with a young co-worker) or maybe it’s something serious that has dire political implications (Watergate). But they are always hiding something. Possibly even our new president, though he seems to be pretty forthright about everything so far, including past drug use.

2) It wasn’t something serious. He had consensual sex with an (albeit barely) adult. Neither of them was married to anyone else. It’s perfectly legal, fine from a moral standpoint (depending on how you feel about workplace romances, I suppose), and none of our damned business.

3) Portland may have elected an openly gay mayor but it’s still not considered 100% OK to be gay in this country. It should be, but it isn’t. Do you think maybe he would have been more open about it if it had been an 18 year old girl? Or if Prop 8 hadn’t proven that this country is still filled with told-you-so bigots? I think he definitely would have been.

He should have stuck to his guns and told the truth (unlike Clinton). But he didn’t. It still has no bearing on his ability to serve (like Clinton) Portland in mayoral capacity.

At Last!

Barack Obama is now officially the leader of our country. This has got to be the greatest day in Democracy since its inception. His speech was, as all his speeches are, incredibly moving and inspirational. Since then he and our lovely First Lady have been taking each step in the long day of festivities with such class and grace.

And how adorable/hilarious are Sasha and Malia? That whole family is just awesome. If they weren’t rightfully placed in the White House, I’d wish them to be my neighbors.

I’m alone in my house watching all of this, but I still clapped when that helicopter took Bush away from Washington and set him on his way back to Texas. Michelle was smiling pretty big at the time too. I wonder how hard it is for her to hold in the sassy things you know she is thinking.

To quote my second favorite president, Bill Pullman:

We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive! Today we celebrate our Independence Day!

There’s Money to be Made

This is a good angle. When you can’t appeal to bigots via love or rationale, try money.

A “star-studded cast” (John C. Reilly is a star, right?) performs Prop 8: The Musical!

PS: Can N.P.H. please do musicals full time?

Prop 8 Protest Signs: Greatest Hits

Self-evident, bitches:

Runner up:

And the clear winner:

PS: Hedgehogs Against Hate!

Prop 8 Protest Reminder

It’s tomorrow in Volunteer Park.

10:30am Pre-rally festivities
1:00pmMarch down to Westlake Center
2:00pmSpeeches and Westlake rally

Check the official website for more details. I’m off to pick up sign-making materials now. I’ll try to make a couple extra. If you have slogan ideas, post them in the comments!

I already have this sign I cobbled together last minute to bring to the protest outside the Mormon church last Sunday:

I’m gonna make another one that says “Separate But Equal is so Passe”.

Prop 8 Your Days are Numbered

Our victory on Tuesday was soured by the passing of Proposition 8 in California which stripped gay couples of their hard won and long overdue right to have their marriages legally recognized by the government. It is not only unconstitutional that this was allowed to happen, but it is completely barbaric and we need to do everything we can to show religious zealots that they can believe what they want but they simply cannot impose their dogma on others.

Please join me and (hopefully) thousands of other Seattleites on Saturday in Volunteer park for a rally and march protesting Prop 8. This is part of a national movement and people all across the country will be protesting on the same day. Hell, even the Governator sees how wrong this is.

Last Tuesday proved that change for the better is possible and that the old ways just won’t stand. Let’s bring this country all the way into the 21st century!

For loading your arsenal with good arguments against anyone who opposes civil rights, watch this amazing editorial by Keith Olbermann.

I’ll bring donuts.

Prop 8 Protest: Worth Getting Up For

Sunday the 9th of November (tomorrow morning!), there is a Seattle protest of Prop. 8 at the Christ of Latter Day Saints at 5701 8th Ave NE, Seattle, WA (University District). It starts at 8am. I will be there. You should be too. I’ll bring some coffee in a thermos and extra grumpiness for being up so early.

Feel my civil rights loving, not-a-morning-person wrath, Mormons.

Don’t Stop Believin’

Best use of “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey EVER. Impromptu dance party on Broadway in Seattle on Tuesday night. Apparently, these things are still choking me up.

Dixie is Still Dixie

Virginia may have voted right, but they are still 47.25% racist dicks, apparently.

They will never ban smoking in public places and they will never let the Civil War go. And that’s why I moved away at 17 and will never look back.

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