Oooh! Controversy!

The Ultimate Politics Survey

Describe your stance on:

Abortion: Love it.

Affirmative Action: If it's necessary. But I'd hope that we actually just hire the people who are right for the job.

Age of Consent: It was 16 in Virginia and that seemed fine with me when I was 16. It's hard to say though.

Animal Testing: Absolutely not.

Death Penalty: I think it's more of a punishment to rot in jail for ever and ever.

Downloading Music/Movies: I like it. Especially if you download Metallica. Lots and lots of Metallica.

Drug Decriminalization: I'm for it. People should be able to mess up their lives is whatever way they see fit.

Factory Farming: I don't know what this is :s

Free Trade: Free is good.

Funding of Arts: Arts is good.

Gay Marriage: For it.

Gun Control: For it.

Immigration: TOOOOTALLY for it.

Hardcore Pornography: Sure.

Human Cloning: Weird.

Miltary Draft: Absolutely not.

Minimum Wage: Should definitely be higher.

Prostitution: Sure.

School Vouchers: Don't know enugh about it to say.

Taxes: This is a little complicated. I'm not for tax breaks for the rich though.

United Nations: yay?

Universal Health Care: Would be nice.

War on Terrorism: Is retarded.

Welfare: Is a good thing if not abused.

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My Job Sucks But My Boss Is Boss!

So I just had a meeting with my boss. He had been on the phone with the Powers That Be and was unable to get me the full raise that he wanted, but he WAS able to get me $200 extra a month! In addition, he said I could take 5 extra days off on the down low because “I'm always on time, unlike other people in this office”. While it's not true that I'm always on time EXACTLY, I do always get here before 8:30 “unlike other people in this office”. Also,
I GET 5 DAYS OFF!!!!!! Not in a row, mind you, because my boss is going to play them off like I'm sick. But I get them nonetheless and my mental stability is very grateful.

I'm taking my first one this Thursday in order to finish getting stuff ready to submit to the Bellingham Film Festival. Rock!

other things. And so

This morning, I was riding the bus here, late as usual, and not very pleased to be heading here. I was reading my book through sleepy eyes and then I heard the bus driver announce the next stop.

“Downtown. Ottoman Empire. Byzantine Empire. Greyhound Bus Station. Badgers.”

Not a terrible way to start a Friday.

You Might Be Bored If…

You Know You're From Seattle When…

You have a very strong opinion about where your coffee beans are grown, and you can taste the difference between Sumatran and Ethiopian
All I care about it that it's not Starbucks and doesn't taste like ass

You feel guilty throwing an aluminum can in the trash. true

You use the words “sun break” and know what it means. who doesn't know what that means?

You know more than 10 words to describe a cup of coffee. This is just like the general Washington one, apparently.

You know what a dry cappuccino is. How is this different from the last one?

You obey all traffic laws EXCEPT “keep right except to pass.” Leave that up to the bus driver.

You know at least eight people who work for either Microsoft or Boeing. Not anymore. But I WISH I knew 8 people from Microsoft who wanted to invest in a movie

You invite twice as many people as you really want to a party since only half will actually show up. Not exactly. I invite as many people as I want at a party AND only half of them show up

You know what Lutefiske is.It's fish, right?

You personally know someone from Alaska. I've MET people from Alaska but I don't hang out with any of them

You consider floating bridges a pain in the butt, not an engineering marvel. ANY bridge has traffic problems

You know how to pronounce “Sequim”, “Puyallup” and “Issaquah.” Yes

You have roots in Oregon, Idaho or Montana, but wanted a high paying job. I bet I would be getting paid the same in those places since I don't get paid much

You've tried to get a job in Alaska, especially a summer job only. Not in the least

You think skiing always means being covered from head to toe, on snow or water. Eh?

You know at least three Microsoft burnouts, of which two are millionaires. Again, I wish

You use more than 5 words to order a cup of coffee. “I want to order an unleaded, double, short, skinny, wet cappuccino with a shot of Amaretto please.” De Ja Vous

A “designer” wardrobe comes from REI, Eddie Bauer, Lands End, and Birkenstock. Ew

You consider it a sunny day if the sun is visible at some point of the day. Ha ha. Laugh it up, fuzzball

You've been “snow” skiing in the RAIN more than in the snow. I hate skiing

When you're discussing rainforests and volcanoes, you're NOT talking about Hawaii. Aight

You Remember the Kingdome Yes…sniff

You have tried to forget about WTO Not at all. It was a great demonstration of democracy! It's not our fault the fuzz got happy with their night sticks

You know how BLUE the skies are here compared to Eastern Washington. ok

The guy at 8:30 am at Starbucks wearing the baseball cap and sunglasses who looks like Phyllis Diller is really a trans named Eva Destruction that used to play with Hole. Sure

Your car insurance costs more because your neighbors don't have any! N/A

Your mayor is straight, 1/2 your friends are gay, the man who delivers your mail has a bumper sticker that reads “when they pry it from my cold dead fingers….”, and your Burger World drive thru order taker was a computer millionaire last week. Weak

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Seattle.

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Get ahead in life, with a college diploma Jessica devoteeanniversary

Things are good. It's Thursday which means there is only one more work day this week. Meep and I made good connections this week. We are making progress on our zombie things. We are editing Meep’s short tonight (and hopefully getting done with it soon. I think it's gonna be really good!) and tomorrow night we are having a company meeting (Tangent Productions!) over beer (which is the best way to HAVE a company meeting). So basically, a good week for film is a good week for me. And it's been a good week for film. It's still hard to get over my increasing dislike of my day job. Especially when it's busy here. But if, in a few years, trailers for Plight are bombarding your televisions, Meep and I are on an international promotional tour, and we are featured in Fangoria and on Best Week Ever, it will all be worth it.
Speaking of Tangent Productions, Meep worked like crazy last night and we now have some semblance of a website up! And after this weekend, it will be content rich, as well. Check it out, yo!

Obviously The Boss Isn’t Dolce and Gabana

So last night, I happened to catch a few minutes of a rerun of Who's The Boss. One thing struck me. Besides the fact that it's painfully unfunny, Angela wears the most horrible outfits. They are so silly, at times, I can't imagine them EVER being in style. I tried to find a picture of the sweater she was wearing in the episode, but I was unable. However, I found this outfit:

who's the boss

It’s pretty characteristic of the weird stuff she used to wear. And of course, the hair is rediculous as well. So what I don't get is, were we supposed to think Angela was sexy?

Discover a new way to opening this offshore account- rhythmic butterfly

Is anyone else disturbed by this article? Especially since Utah is #1.

synchronism tickle

This weekend I saw THREE really bad movies. There are SO MANY bad movies out there and more getting made all the time. While it's a lot of fun to watch movies like Cherry Falls and make fun of them, it also makes me wonder why it's so hard for us to get our movie made. Or maybe it wouldn't be if we just sent our script off to Hollywood and relinquished all creative control. I don't know. Regardless, there are a lot of good laughs in Cherry Falls. Not so many in Below which was incredibly painful and discombobulated. As for Ju-On, while small children with big eyes will always be frightening on some level, a movie with that many disconnected characters and plot holes cannot be scary because you're too busy trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

In non-movie news, I had a GREAT yoga class yesterday. My balance was much improved and I felt much stronger. Of course, I'm a lot more sore than usual today, but, as always, it's a good kind of sore, because it means I really accomplished something. Pat pat pat on the back.

It's Monday. That's not so nice.

Smoke My Grudge, Beyotch!

So tonight a few of us (so far DZ, Meep and Sherwood) are going to see Ju-on which looks pretty rad. Scary Japanese movies about ghosties are cool. After that (or before, or both) we are going to the Blue Moon tavern in the U district to hang out with beatniks and drink in a place Tom Robbins once described as “a frenzy of distorted joy spinning just outside the reach of bourgeois horrors”. Sounds aight to me. If anyone else feels like joining up, let me know! The movie is at 9:35 at the Varsity.

Also: IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!

Oh Fortuna!

Sweet mother of pearl! There is an Orange Julius/DQ at Westlake Center now!