Useless Trivia: A Meme

This one might be fun and mindless. And I'm definitely in that mindframe right now. Let's have a go, shall we?

First job: If babysitting doesn't count, my first job was as a housekeeper in a bed and breakfast in Tacoma. The best thing about it was the tips. Rich people stayed there and left me anywhere from $5-20 for cleaning their rooms. The worst part was that sometimes really old people would stay there for extended periods of time and made the room smell like death. That sounds mean, but it was a really bad smell.

First screen name: It was LintIsGod on AOL. I was really into Rancid and Operation Ivy at the time and that was Tim Armstrong's nickname. And I was a freak. That account might still work cos it was a sub-account under my dad's and he still uses his.

First self-purchased CD: It was In Utero by Nirvana. I didn't make the switch from cassette to CD for a long time. Even after that, I held on the to beauty of the mix tape until a few years ago. I made one too many tapes for people who said “Oh, thanks, but I don't have a tape player”. All that work and they wouldn't even listen to it! That hurts. So I gave up the lost art of tape making. CD making is almost as cool, but since tape making is so much work, I always thought it was one of the most heartfelt gifts you could give or receive. I still have ALL the tapes anyone ever made me.

First piercing/tattoo: I got my ears pierced when I was 12. I didn't really want it and I never wear earrings so I think my holes have closed up by now. I got my first tattoo on my 19th birthday after putting a LOT of thought into what I was going to get. I got a shooting star on my lower back to remind me that life is fleeting. That's just the sort of cheesy thing a 19-year-old would do. But I don't regret it cos I still like the look of the thing.

First true love: I thought I was in love twice before I had my first long-term relationship at 19. Who knows, though. Does “true love” mean they aren't bastards to you? Cos in that case it was definitely when I was 19.

First enemy: Hehe. This makes me laugh. When I was a sophomore in high school, I had been doing the “rebel” image for 2 years. I was the only one in my school with a pair of Doc Martens. I can say that with confidence because there were only about 1000 people in my school. Only 500 in grades 9-12. One day, I noticed an 8th grader wearing a pair of docs. She had little red streaks in her hair like mine as well. I started calling her “My Clone”. She caught wind of it and was PISSED. Turns out before then she thought I was cool. But after she heard I called her “My Clone” she decided she hated me and I had to pay. One day, we were at the same rock show. She came up to me and said she wanted to “kick my ass”. I had never been in a fight and certainly didn't intend to start with this little kid. I said “I'm not going to fight you, little girl.” This made her even more angry and she kept trying to get me to go outside. But me and my friends just kept laughing at her and finally she gave up. I think she was pretty embarassed after that and never talked to me again. I don't know if she's my first “enemy” but that's what I thought of when I read that question, so there it is.


Last big car ride: Stabbin' Cabbin!

Last kiss: This morning when Dom and I left for work. Awwww! [barf]

Last library book checked out: “The Martian Chronicles”. I'm reading it right now and loving it! I read it when I was a kid and thought it was boring but reading it now, I understand why. It's pretty chock full of socialist metaphor.

Last movie seen: Anchorpoop.

Last beverage drank: Water. Boring.

Last food consumed: Some really gross rice crackers that were badly in need of some MSG.

Last phone call: Does my job count? A co-worker in Portland asking me to fax some documents to him. If that doesn't count then…I don't know. Who cares?

Last CD played: Pulp “This Is Hardcore”. The older I get, the more I relate to that album. Is that scary?

Last annoyance: Being at work.

Last pop drank: Safeway Select Cola at some point over the weekend. I've really been curbing my soda intake. Good for me.

Last ice cream eaten: A little homemade sundae last week.

Last time scolded: I don't know, but I'm sure it had to do with something at work and I'm sure it was by the 'Lilest Dictator.

Last shirt worn: The one that's on me.

I am: bored.

I want: To be at home.

I have: A lot of work to do.

I wish: I didn't have a lot of work to do.

I hate: this job

I fear: Getting caught not doing work.

I hear: “Band on the Run” on the radio. I hear it at least once a day as well. Hooray for radio rotation.

I search: For another word for “chums”.

I regret: Trying to talk down the price of that Crispin Glover painting.

I love: Sleeping in.

I always: Eat breakfast

I never: Vote Republican

I dance: Like the wave of the ocean romance.

I sing: Like a lark.

I cry: At certain episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer

YES or NO:

You keep a diary: Does this thing count? Cos if not, I have my jounals full of terribly poetry from when I was depressed as well.

You like to cook: Yes

You have a secret you have not shared with anyone: I'm sure there must be something, but it's not intentional. I don't like to keep secrets. They make me feel dirty. And not in that good, Xtina Aguliera kinda way.


Have a crush: Many. I'm a very lusty person. I also have lots of non-sexual crushes.

Want to get married: Not especially.

Get motion sickness: Sometimes, but I'm usually asking for it by reading in the car.

You’re a health freak: “Do you you're a health freak”. That doesn't make any sense, but ok. I'm becoming one as I age and my body starts falling apart. I dont like it though. The ice cream calleth.

Number: The one that means I won.

Color: Red

Day: We've covered this. The ones where I don't have to work.

Month: They're all good in their own way.

Songs: The ones that I like.

Season: See question about months.

Drink: The good thing about drinks is that there are so many of them and they all serve a different function. Milk is very different from water but I love them both. Take that, meme.

Alcohol: The kind that doesn't give me a horrible raging hangover in the morning.

Cuddle or make out: Both are pretty good.

Chocolate milk or hot chocolate: Cocoa.

Milk, dark, or white chocolate: Milk.

Vanilla or chocolate: Depends on what the vanilla is in.


Cried? I got a little misty when I got an email from my friend who told me his father had passed away. I never met his father, but the email itself was a sort of eulogy and it was very beautiful.

Helped someone? I made Dom some toast last night. Not exactly nobel prize winning stuff but it's something.

Bought something? Of course. It's pretty hard to get through a day w/o money changing hands for something or other. I bought some orange juice this morning.

Gotten sick? Just got over something, actually.

Gone to the movies? Sadly, no.

Said ‘I love you’?: Yes.

Written a real letter: Not yet, but I'm about to write my PETA action letters.

Talked to an ex?: Yes.

Missed an ex?: Yes but not like that. We're friends now.

Written in a journal?: Does this count?

Had a serious talk?: How serious? Only if “we're poor” counts.

Missed someone? Yes.

Hugged someone? Yes

Is that the end? That ended up being kinda long. But only because I feel the need to expound on everything. Hopefully some of you will enjoy this one.


:)) i feel great-miracle

I did my second Bikram yoga class last night. It was much harder the second time but I still made it all the way through without stopping (even though I was having a bitch of a time keeping a lot of the balance poses, and felt like I was going to faint during the Vomit Pose). Once again, about 20 minutes afterward, I felt like a million bucks. I wish I could afford to go more. Right now I think I want to go twice a week for a month but then after that, I don't think I'll be able to afford more than once a week unless I get that damned raise anytime soon (which doesn't look likely). Still, I think I'm finally doing something truly good for myself so it's worth the money, if I can spare it.
Speaking of money, Buddhist Lent is now over and was a resounding success. For those of you who don't know, Buddhist Lent is something I came up with essentially to curb my DVD purchasing addiction. During the month of July, I was not allowed to buy anything that was needlessly material for myself. Dom decided to join me as he has a similar addiction to electronics and computer parts. No DVD's, CD's, books, electronics, video games, clothes etc. We were still allowed to go out to eat and drink in moderation. Despite that fact and the fact that several of our friends had birthdays last month, I still had $300 extra at the end of the month which I could put into savings. I think Dom was surprised about how much money he had left as well. Amazing! Do we really spend that much frivolously on ourselves? Apparently. And for shame! It was such a success that Dom and I decided we should do it 4 times a year. Maybe then we will find that we have money to finally take a holiday.
My next goal is to make a concerted effort to be less of a pack rat. One step at a time, of course. But who knows. Maybe this is the start of a more Zen me. And wouldn't that be something?