Oooh! Controversy!

The Ultimate Politics Survey

Describe your stance on:

Abortion: Love it.

Affirmative Action: If it's necessary. But I'd hope that we actually just hire the people who are right for the job.

Age of Consent: It was 16 in Virginia and that seemed fine with me when I was 16. It's hard to say though.

Animal Testing: Absolutely not.

Death Penalty: I think it's more of a punishment to rot in jail for ever and ever.

Downloading Music/Movies: I like it. Especially if you download Metallica. Lots and lots of Metallica.

Drug Decriminalization: I'm for it. People should be able to mess up their lives is whatever way they see fit.

Factory Farming: I don't know what this is :s

Free Trade: Free is good.

Funding of Arts: Arts is good.

Gay Marriage: For it.

Gun Control: For it.

Immigration: TOOOOTALLY for it.

Hardcore Pornography: Sure.

Human Cloning: Weird.

Miltary Draft: Absolutely not.

Minimum Wage: Should definitely be higher.

Prostitution: Sure.

School Vouchers: Don't know enugh about it to say.

Taxes: This is a little complicated. I'm not for tax breaks for the rich though.

United Nations: yay?

Universal Health Care: Would be nice.

War on Terrorism: Is retarded.

Welfare: Is a good thing if not abused.

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