My Job Sucks But My Boss Is Boss!

So I just had a meeting with my boss. He had been on the phone with the Powers That Be and was unable to get me the full raise that he wanted, but he WAS able to get me $200 extra a month! In addition, he said I could take 5 extra days off on the down low because “I'm always on time, unlike other people in this office”. While it's not true that I'm always on time EXACTLY, I do always get here before 8:30 “unlike other people in this office”. Also,
I GET 5 DAYS OFF!!!!!! Not in a row, mind you, because my boss is going to play them off like I'm sick. But I get them nonetheless and my mental stability is very grateful.

I'm taking my first one this Thursday in order to finish getting stuff ready to submit to the Bellingham Film Festival. Rock!