My website is back up! Hooray! Of course all the original pictures are lost and the content is about a year old (a lot of my links don't even exist anymore), but it's there and that's something. So hooray for that.

In other news, Faye and I are THIS close to finishing our treatment for our Zombie movie. T-minus 8 days until we give it to Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg PERSONALLY. After that, we will target other sources of inspiration (Stuart Gordon, Joss Whedon, Rob Zombie, Lloyd Kaufman) and hopefully, at least, they will like it. At most, they will like it so much that they will want to be on board and help us finance it and get it made. Of course, if that happens, I will have to keep purchasing new underwear as I will be continously soiling myself from excitment and disbelief.

We will also compile of “dream casting” situation and send the treatment to those folks. This probably all sounds crazy. But it worked for the guy who wrote Dodgeball. And we'd like to think our script is better than that steaming pile of poo.