Which is Worse?

Bold the one you think is worse! YAY!!

1)Everybody thinking that you are annoying? OR Everybody thinking you are dull?
2)Having your boyfriend tell you he’s cheating on you with your sister? OR Having your best friend tell you that your boyfriends cheating on you with her? Even though they are essentially the same situation
3)Having a guy/girl tell you he loves you and not mean it? OR Having a guy/girl tell you he loves you and then take it back? This actually happened to me
4)Killing your best friend? OR Having your best friend kill you? OR Watching someone kill your best friend?
5)Having an itch and not being able to scratch it for eternity? OR Scratching an itch and scratching it so bad it bleeds and stings for eternity?
6)Farting while making out? OR Burping while making out? Ew
7)A very bad house in a very good location? OR A very good house in a very bad location?
8)Boiling to death OR freezing to death
9)Not doing something and regretting it for the rest of your life how topical OR Doing something and having it screw up the rest of your life
10)Being in a place that is too loud I hate loud bars these days OR Being in a place that is too quiet
11)The guy next to you on a plane snoring OR The baby next to you on a plane crying Babies should be forced to ride in kennels with the luggage.
12)Life in prison without parole OR Death Penalty
13)Being stuck inside on a beautiful day OR Being stuck outside on a rainy day I hate being cold
14)A tap constantly dripping OR A clock loudly ticking An evil butterfly clown clock!
15) Getting on an elevator on which someone had pushed all 26 buttons OR Being in a two hour traffic jam If someone did the elevator thing, I would just get off and take a different elevator.
16)So full you’re about to explode That answer probably pisses off those Sally Struthers kids though OR So hungry you'll eat a shoe
17)Getting shot in the head and dying. OR Getting shot in the face and living disfigured Duh
18)Being the only drunk person in a crowd of sober people they'll ALL remember what you do! OR being the only sober person in a crowd of drunk people
19)Only being able to yell for the rest of you life OR Only being able to whisper for the rest of your life
20)Stepping in dog poop OR Getting crapped on by a bird


Happiness Shock

Today is the day!! Tonight Meep and I are going to an advanced screening of Shaun of the Dead. Meep and I are going to do whatever it takes to get our treatment into the hot little hands of Wright and Pegg and hopefully not make fools of ourselves in the process. We have our treatment and letter all printed out on nice paper. I have filled a flask with vodka for the liquid courage. I just bought a new pair of stockings. I am leaving work at 4:00 in order to get the best possible seat at the screening. Short of rehearsing what we are going to say, we are as ready as we will ever be. And nervous as hell! I'm hoping for a Link sighting today as a sign of good luck.