policy of truth

I hate people being mad at me. I really do. And I hate looking/feeling like an asshole. Therefore, I shall no longer talk about movies that I dislike/find fault with unless I know we all agree. (So I can still talk shit about Baz Lurhman, right?) This is for the same reason I do not talk about politics with my Republican boss (who is very nice).


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Another eventful weekend which is nice. Meep and I worked on her short Friday night and much of Saturday. Hopefully we will get it done in time for a festival deadline. I think it's looking really good. I just feel bad because I am not a good sound editor and Meep needs that. I'm trying really hard though.

Saturday Meep and I finally saw the much touted Napoleon Dynamite and were less than impressed. At first we weren't sure why but then we got drunk and discussed it (with Sherwood and Gene who were also not impressed) and realized several things. Even though it was a movie about nerds, we couldn't feel sorry for any of them because they didn't seem to be at all bothered by being nerds. Also, things happened to them that would never REALLY happen in this situation (like the internet girlfriend actually being hot and still wanting to date that guy). People might say it was meant to be absurdest but I really don't think the filmmaker is capable of being that high concept. Also, what was the point of making it “retro” looking, other than for added laughs because “dude, look how funny a side pony tail and a fanny pack is”. This lead us to a discussion about how there are no movies about being alienated in high school that are realistic. They're either really hot actors playing nerds who get their comeuppance, (a la “She's all that”) or it's a cartoon. A caricature. Like Revenge of the Nerds or this movie. Or there's a third genre like Heathers where the protagonist is in the middle between cool and popular and they have to make a choice. No one ever makes a movie about the fat girl in Heathers. Unless it's Tod Solondz and Welcome to the Dollhouse. But that doesn't count because Tod Solondz is a sick fuck.
The only thing that comes close is Freaks and Geeks. That was an amazing TV show that definitely captured certain painful high school moments on the nose. But it was a TV show. And it got canceled. So again we are left with nothing. What up with that? But then again, I might just actually be a huge, joyless, film snob. I hope not.
ANYWHO…after the movie, we played 50 songs on the juke box at Wok and Grill and once again made the nice lady stay late. But we tipped her well. So hopefully she doesn't hate us. Because I HEART Wok and Grill.
Then Meep, Sherwood, Gene and I went back to my place and played music (probably too loudly. Sorry neighbors) and talked passionately about things I don't remember. Next thing we know, it's 5 in the morning. I haven't done anything like that in a long time and I really enjoyed it. Even though I spend most of Sunday recovering. I'm really grateful for long-lasting friendships and developing new ones. I love my friends. I really do. Thanks, guys.