Forgetting Jason Segel’s Penis

I finally saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Despite being in a rather fowl mood at the time, I thought it was cute. That’s really saying something about a film’s cuteness.

Pros: Jason Segel is an empathetic romantic comedy male lead. He’s very good at making pathetic seem cute which shows diversity since, in Freaks and Geeks, he made cute seem pathetic. (e.g. when he serenaded Lindsay with Styx’s “Lady”). I liked the humanity that Kristin Bell brought to what could have been an otherwise one-dimensional harpy character. I also, for the first time in my life, found Mila Kunis to be adorable.

Cons: The British pop star character was kind of over-the-top for a while. His music video early on was way too silly for a story that was otherwise set in (a Hollywood sort of) reality. Eventually, he branched out but I was already a bit sick of him by then. Also, Jonah Hill needs to pull it back just a little. I’m sorry to keep hating on Jonah Hill. He has potential. But right now he’s just…too much. Superbad would have suffered greatly if he had been “acting” alongside someone other than the subtle genius, Michael Cera.

jasonsegelRe: The Nudity: There was a LOT of hype about Jason Segel’s penis. It was the first and last thing anyone said about the movie. The way it was described, I expected a close up on the penis for much of the film’s opening. I expected the penis to have a monologue. It didn’t. Yes, he was naked, but I’m pretty sure the total screen time for Segel Jr. was under 30 seconds. What’s wrong with America? We see boobs in movies ALL THE TIME. What’s more, it takes a big man to allow his penis to become the butt of a joke. But it was a short joke and in no way the focus of the film. Please, let’s not make such a big deal out of it, lest we discourage other men from exposing themselves on film. I hope Mr. Segel has started a trend (perhaps trailblazed by Will Ferrell’s ass). That’s the world I someday want to live in.


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  1. “it takes a big man to allow his penis to become the butt of a joke. But it was a short joke”

    Ha ha

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