NFT Radar: The Seattle Streetcar

In December, 2007 another system joined the ranks of Seattle novelty transportation (already populated by the monorail and the waterfront trolley). It was originally called the South Lake Union Trolley, bringing opponents of the $10.5 million joke more fodder for the clever t-shirt cannon. “Ride the S.L.U.T.” t-shirts sold out in record time. Sadly, those behind the S.L.U.T. caught on to the unfortunate acronym and changed the name to the Seattle Streetcar. However, they still wouldn’t admit to it being a colossal waste of time and money. Construction seriously gacked up the already congested downtown traffic for a year and a half to build the 2.5 mile line that crawls from Fred Hutch to Westlake Center. People have reported being able to watch that stretch faster.

s.l.u.t.I curse that little S.L.U.T. on a daily basis as it runs through my walk signal, preventing me from getting to the only real public transportation this city has: the Metro bus. How many times did we vote for and were ultimately denied an expansive monorail system again? I guess they learned their lesson. Don’t ask the people what they want. Tell them.

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