Awesome Meeddi cations

I don’t really know what the criteria are for this meme. So I’ll just respond to Ben’s post with what each of his anecdotes made me think of in relation to myself.

1. All of my teeth are mine and cavity free. I have unusually healthy teeth, especially compared to how the rest of my body is falling apart.
2. On my right cheek, I have a small indentation from an accident when I was 2. And by accident, I mean I was a headstrong toddler who lacked common sense. I was in my little walker thingy (what do you calls those chairs with the Flintstone-style foot holes that have a tray on the front for making a mess with food?), and I wanted to get into the kitchen where my mom was. She was behind a swinging door that swung out. I understood the concept of a swinging door, but not that it only swung one way. So I tried a few times to push my way through the door to no avail. Thinking that I only needed to add a little force, I backed up and prepared to ram the thing. The whole time, I was clutching my favorite, engraved metal cup in my fist. I got as much momentum as I could and charged the door. Just as I was about to make impact, my mother, having heard the banging on the door, swung it open to see what was going on. The force propelled me backwards into the wall. My fall was cushioned by the walker, but since I was clutching the metal cup, I jabbed myself in the cheek with the edge of the cup, thus splitting my face open and scaring the living shit out of my mother. Not much has changed regarding the way I do business.
3. I was born with black hair. It later lightened to almost blonde.
4. The summer of my 14th year, at Hippie Camp, I finally received my first kiss. It was during a game of spin the bottle. The boy, Daniel, was an unwilling participant. He showed open disgust for having to kiss me. I didn’t even like him but he really hurt my feelings. I thought it meant that no one would ever want to kiss me. Two days later, I was proven wrong by a cute, curly-haired Sk8-er Boi named Robert. He took me into the dark woods during the square dance and told me I was beautiful. He became my boyfriend for a week until I broke up with him for unapologetically giving me poison ivy (on my neck). We made up on the last day of camp, but by then, of course, it was too late and he shipped off back to Florida. Ah fleeting summer camp romances.
5. I am allergic to mold, but I love the stinky cheeses.
6. The thought of getting nipples pierced makes me cringe in, what I imagine to be a manner similar to when boys see other boys get kicked in the nuts.
7. There are a few people in my life that I regret having never punched.
8. At different times in my youth, I forayed into the following extra-curricular activities: ballet, “jazz” dance, Aikido, tennis, golf, acting and ballroom dancing. I am incapable of doing any of those things today.
9. I sometimes get road rage just by being in the passenger seat of a car. This is a good reason for me to never again get behind the wheel.
10. None of my non-surgical scars have cool stories even though one of them actually begins “I was drunk…”
11. It took me 3 years to get over an ex that I dated for two.
12. From age 12-16, I attended a summer camp based on the teachings of Edgar Casey. I lovingly refer to it as Hippie Camp.
13. On New Years Eve, 1994, I accidentally kicked a hole into a hallway wall of the Virginia Beach Ramada. I was neither drunk nor angry. I just got overly excited “sparring” with my friend. We immediately ran back to our room and hid for the rest of the night. I never did get caught.
14. Faye and I were both stalked by the same guy. He called looking for me, and Faye answered the phone. After that, the scary messages he left at 1:30 in the morning were addressed to both of us.
15. The only altercation I’ve had with police, besides during protests, is last year when Jacob and I and some friends from Tacoma got thrown out of Volunteer Park at 2 in the morning.
16. The only animals I’m truly afraid of are fire ants.
17. In high school, I was a victim of gay-bashing. Only in the south can you get gay-bashed on the unfounded suspicion of being gay.
18. In 6th grade, I played the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. The only reason I got a lead role is because there were 10 people in my class, and most of the other kids were burnouts.
19. I often wonder if I would have been “counterculture” in high school if I’d gone to public school and been able to drop under the radar.
20. The knee condition that I was born with (which subsequently lead to surgery), is allegedly related to evolution. According to my doctor, my knee caps were attached to the wrong muscle for creatures that stand erect, but not for creatures that stand on all fours. FREAK!


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