him, and very solemnly,

This is funny. Last week, after Boss Man let me stew over the prospect of not getting a receptionist for a few days, he called me into his office. I won’t bore you with too much of the details, but the gist is that he realized that the Lil’est Dictator DOESN’T DO ANYTHING while the rest of us are really really busy. He decided to examine why that is and how to fix it. His solution: Give her half of my clients. She was pretty pissed about this prospect at first. I guess she said she would NOT be demoted. But he shut her up by saying that she was the loudest proponent for not getting a receptionist. And that if we aren’t going to get one, than we have to re-distribute the work so to give me a break. He also told me that we still WOULD get a receptionist, but that it wouldn’t be until we were more settled. I can see his point on this matter. We’re in the process of a company split and a new name, as well as a move. It would be weird to hire someone now when we can’t even tell them what we’re going to be like in 3 months. He projected that January would hopefully see smoother times for us. He also said several times that since this new position for Lil’ D. is designed to help me out, that if I find myself with more work, I should let him know immediately. In other words, “if she delegates her work to you, I will put a stop to it.” Thank Christ for that! He also said that he appreciated my positive, can-do attitude, and the fact that no matter WHAT he gives me, I agree to do it without argument. He said he wished that everyone behaved that way. He also said that I have been an integral part in the success of the company and he is very glad to have me on board. It’s wonderful to be appreciated. I just wish that these things would come up in meetings. It would have been nice to have had him stand up for me at my birthday lunch instead of in the privacy of his office. Maybe then Lil’ D. would finally show me some fucking respect. Oh well. It’s better than nothing, I suppose.


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