Is It Too Late to Change My Vote?

Yesterday, while I waited in a growing line at a Renton Subway, I overheard an irate man talking to the cashier/only sandwich artist in the joint, about Obama’s nefarious plans to tax small businesses until they go under and then give the money to black people. BLACK PEOPLE! Of all the people to give money to! I can’t believe there isn’t more press about this.

The cashier asked the man where he read about this conspiracy. “The internet,” he explained. She asked him to specify which sites. “Several different ones,” he specified. It’s pretty hard to argue with such prestigious sources. He assured her that her job would be safe because Subway is not, as far as he knows, a small business. However, everyone else is SCREWED! Wow. I had no idea Barack Obama was so evil. Small businesses are the foundation of democracy and black people definitely don’t need any more of our hard earned money.

That settles it. I’m moving to Renton where the people make more sense.


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