Mulder is Not a Sex Addict

He just likes the porns. My very favorite entertainment blog, dlisted, reported that David Duchovny’s sex addiction (which, in my opinion, is generally code for “I cheated on my spouse but I don’t want a divorce”) is actually just an “addiction to internet porn”.

I’m still trying to take this seriously and not think about that ridiculous Christian propaganda TV movie, Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life. It’s about a teenage boy who is “addicted” to (softcore, white bread) internet porn and it “tears his life apart”. I highly recommend seeking this movie out, by the way. It’s hilarious. Especially the locker room scene where his fellow teenage jocks are creeped out by him regaling them with tales of his porn escapades. Teenage boys creeped out by naked ladies! And it’s not even an all-boys military academy!

cyber seduction

Anywho…my new interpretation to this story is that one of their children, really excited about playing their Dora the Explorer computer game, accidentally walked in on daddy going through his XXX Files one too many times.

These things happen. The ordinary citizen probably wouldn’t seek “professional treatment” for such things. They would just make sure the kids were napping or the door was locked. But D.D. is high profile and different rules apply.

I’m just glad Mulder isn’t a total cheating ho.


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