NFT Radar: Georgetown Liquor Company

The Georgetown neighborhood is Seattle’s best kept hipster secret and I think a lot of people like it that way, so keep what I’m about to tell you on the proverbial D.L. Georgetown Liquor Company rules. Sure it possesses an unassuming moniker, is tucked away inconveniently (aurally speaking) next to active cargo train tracks, but that’s why one’s able to head there on a weekend and have no trouble getting a service. And that’s hardly the best part. I have good news and I have better news. The GOOD news is that G.L.C. serves a huge menu full of 100% vegetarian (and approximately 38% vegan) sandwiches and salads with nerdy names (Sulu Skewers, Darth Reuben). And ooh boy, are they delicious. If you do cheese, you will be over the moon about the Luna. The BETTER news is that you can relive your childhood (this time with booze!) by indulging in a bevy of Atari, classic or Super NES games on one of 3 set-ups. If you can reminisce (about) it, they have it. But be warned before you start the trash talking. Unless you’re Steve Wiebe, you’re probably a little rusty at Donkey Kong.

georgetown liquor company
5501 Airport Way S 98108

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