Free At Last

If you’ve spent any time with me during the past few months, you’ve doubtless heard me complain about it. Well, I’ve finally done it. I’ve left my job at the little startup that apparently couldn’t. It had to happen. My reasons were many but the biggest of them were money (I wasn’t getting any) and frustration (I was getting plenty). It was almost my two year anniversary with them and I still hadn’t been given any sort of pay raise, despite several meetings pleading my case and persons agreeing that yes, my duties had increased exponentially and yes, I was doing a good job on all counts. I was told repeatedly that we would “see” about getting me more money when certain things fell into place. Basically, I was getting the brush-off while people around me were getting paid way more than they were worth. How could someone who managed a department of 3 people (the department responsible for the product which would ultimately bring in the revenue) get paid less than the average administrative assistant while several others, some of whom were proven to be stealing from and conspiring against the company, got six figure salaries? How could one person make more than twice what MY ENTIRE DEPARTMENT made? How is it fair? How is it just? How is it not borderline indentured servitude? On top of that, there had been verbal abuse from other employees, the stripping of/denial of necessary resources for my department, and a general lack of gratitude for all my hard work for, I would like to again point out, a salary which is less than that of the average administrative assistant. And I was lucky to be getting that. Our paychecks bounced frequently with little done to rectify the situation. Little effort was made to understand what a difficult strain this put on me (and others) financially.

There are countless other reasons that I shan’t go into. But rest assured, things were very rotten in Denmark.

So I’ve decided to put an end to it all. I have emancipated myself. And it feels damned good. I’ve got some great things lined up on the career front and each one is infinitely more rewarding and much better compensating. Later, Denmark.



  1. Congratulations. Let’s celebrate. What are you doing this Saturday? Maybe you should have a party or something.

  2. Capitol idea!

  3. Good for you! They sound super shady.

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