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It's been a pretty kickass long weekend so far. And it's only half over! I will do the long recap on Tuesday but right now I want to draw the attention of everyone who is local the a rare and exciting opportunity. Whilst perusing the horror websites for reviews of our movie, I found a blurb about a movie I didn't even know existed. That's right, folks. They made ANOTHER Crow movie. And while that may sound excessive and redundant given the quality of the last two, just LOOK at the cast of this movie! Edward Furlong as yet another man who loses his girlfriend and comes back from the grave for sweet revenge! Tara Reid as some some dumb girl who is evil (she's got RANGE, people)! That's pretty cool, right? But then look at who the BAD guys is! DAVID BOREANAZ! Fucking ANGELUS is in this movie!!!!! There is also Dennis Hopper (who will be in anything and Macy Gray. I wager that it's going to be “Alone in the Dark” hilarious and “Valentine” bloody awesome. And while it's going direct to video, for some reason it's getting a special engagement theatrical release for ONE WEEK only in our fair city. So who wants to see this movie with me sometime between June 3rd and 10th at Pacific Place?! There is NO WAY this movie won't be entertaining.


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