Hulk smash intern

Stupid Intern just cost me a day's worth of work. Stupid Intern does not understand the concept of putting together a booklet. For some reason, he thought the side of the page with WORDS on it should face backward and punched the holes accordingly. He thought the same thing for the covers which are now ruined and hard to get more of. From now on I will only give Stupid Intern tasks that my butthole could do in it's sleep. So Stupid Intern is now in charge of sealing envelopes and farting. That is all.



Can you handle my truth, y'all?

Last night it became clear that Paris Hilton is NOT, in fact, the most anti-intellectual “celebrity princess”. Brittany Speare's make Paris sound like a Rhodes Scholar.

But seriously, ya'll. What's your favorite sexual position? I had sex three times today. My mom is gonna kill me when she's sees this.

stolen Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate

I would like to now, if I may, express my feelings toward the printer/copier here, that for some reason I am in charge of, which breaks down at least once a week.

RT^%U!^&*#1!(*^!&*#IUHUILU^*&%^!(O(!LOHDUILW&*)(!!)@^#&VJHDKAHO:(I!()#(&$(#R:LDJIW^&#@&$@^%!%&!&RIEGFV”LP:R”PY*@(*)&($O@$JKLRIO&R(*^!%*!&!*U (FH)(@#&(*#@!^#@V&^$@#(*IOHFWGFHL>U*(qy42li3ehy2u40%*!@&*@$FGJKi7w453O*@(){@# #YT;4w u4029p243j2oi3479a2@)(&*@!(^!*(!)(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you.