Snow Day Resurrected

Fangoria TV bought the broadcast rights to show Snow Day, Bloody Snow Day. They will be doing so starting Feb. 16th. I know most of you have already seen Snow Day. Many of you have probably seen it ad nausium. Still, will you please email the Fangoria people and tell them how much you like it (even if you don't)? A good response, according to, could mean more good stuff for GadZook (and possibly even Plight of the Living Dead in the future.

Big Love.

Edit from Dom: Just to be clear, Fangoria didn't buy anything. They acquired the screening rights for the film, but we still own all rights in relation to it. They have the ability to screen it on their station and present it in DVD compilations should they choose. IF they start charging for things, then we'll see a small fraction of a percentage of dough. The big thing is to convince Fangoria that there is a huge audience for our type of humor. So yes, please e-mail them and say so! :)


Plight of the Living Dead Filmmaker

If you have a great idea for a movie, ESPECIALLY if you back it up with a good script, you'd better jump on it but fast because someone else will have the same idea and probably make it happen.

This film is playing at SXSW this year, along with two other zombie comedies. It's the year of the zombie and I'm not a part of it. The thing that stings the most is that “American Zombie” is listed under the category of “Emerging Visions” at SXSW. Because their idea is so INNOVATIVE and ORIGINAL. Blast!

UPDATE: I also found this short with a similar theme. For the record, I came up with the original idea in 2001 and Faye and I finished the first draft of the script (and had it copywrited) in 2004.

my new career

I am positively flabbergasted. In the new issue of The Stranger, our Hump entry has been reviewed more favorably than we could have ever imagined a semi-inebriated spur-of-the-moment video shoot to be. You can read all of the reviews here.

The full review follows:

USA, 2006 (1 min.)
Dir. XXX

The purest and most primitive of all seasonings and une serviette, the most refined of all table implements, come together in this short film. An allegory that challenges all of the audience's assumptions about what constitutes pornography, Condoments is a lo-fi meditation on race and class. The most complex and troubling issues we face as a society are the implicit players in this the coarse film, which also touches on the pleasures of dry humping amid the affected luxury of a fine dining establishment. Active and passive role-playing (consumption versus service, and vice versa) are also addressed. This HUMP! entry will be discussed in college-level cinema classes for generations to come.

Maybe we DO have a shot at that trip to Vegas. One thing is for certain. I am definitely going to put a lot more effort into an entry for next year. Perhaps I should take this as a sign that I should forgo the job search and become Lady Cyanide: Porn Producer full time.

My Hump


The Galloo and I made a silly little short film for the Stranger's Hump (amateur porn) contest involving a salt shaker and a carefully ripped napkin. Let your imaginations run with that…

The exciting part is that we made it to the top 20 entries and our movie (entitled “Condoments”) will be eligible for the competition to win a trip to the annual porn convention in Vegas and $2000. Before we knew we were in, we bought a whole bunch of tickets and then they informed us that we would get comps. Now, since the audience votes on the winners, we would like to give our purchased tickets to friends who would support our endeavors. Are any of you, my loyal (and local) readers, interested in going? I would give you the tickets (to the now sold out festival) for a discounted rate if you promised to vote for us. The tickets are for the 6pm show on Saturday, September 9th.

As you may or may not know, Hump is the talk of the town. And YOU can be there! Let me know if you're interested.

PS: You have my solemn promise that you will NOT see any of mine or Galloo's naughty bits in the film. It's all about the inanimate objects!


I didn’t wake up hung over, exactly, but I still felt weird on account of having had nightmares the night before. Faye noticed this, as I was apparently twitching in my sleep. I don’t remember details of the nightmares but they were disturbing enough to keep me in a strange mood for several hours after waking. The world felt a bit surreal for a while. Continue reading


Pics from Comic-Con are here! I will send links to other people's pics as I receive them. Enjoy!


On our way to the convention center, Dom, Faye and I encountered one of San Diego’s eccentric derelicts. As we waited at a cross walk for the signal to change, an older, unwashed gentleman walked into the middle of the street. There weren’t any cars coming so he wasn’t in any immediate danger, but he noticed us standing on the corner and walked over to us. “So we’re waiting for the light to change, is that the way it works now?” he asked. We said that yes, that was what we were supposed to do. “Back in the Texas days, we could just get on our horse and ride across,” he mused. So apparently this guy is not just a tramp, but some immortal from a parallel Old Western universe wherein San Diego used to be Texas. Fascinating. He then, of course, asked us for money.

Back at the convention center, Faye and I continued our previous game of “Punch Trench Coat.” It never ceases to amaze me how many kids (and adults who should know better) insist on wearing an ill-fitting black trench coat in NINETY DEGREE WEATHER. Of course, “Punch Sensible Outfit” wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun to play.

Faye also came up with a hand gesture to illustrate a phenomenon we had been noticing amongst the geek population. The geek fart all-too-frequently puffed into the atmosphere not unlike that of a time-released air freshener. Unfortunately, the gesture merely serves as an observation, rather than a warning.

The ONE panel we were determined to attend that day was the Battlestar Galactica panel. We knew that this year’s con was much better attended and therefore surmised that such a panel would be quite popular. Therefore, we elected to stay in the room where BSG would be several panels ahead of time and simply move forward toward the stage as people left. It was by enacting this plan that we sat through the Hood of Horror panel and the Superman Through the Ages panel.

Hood of Horror is a new Tales From the Crypt type film staring Snoop Dogg as the Hound of Hell (i.e. the Crypt Keeper), Diamond Dallas Page, Ernie Hudson and a cute guy named Pooch who, for some reason, used expressions from the 40’s. Danny Trejo was supposed to be there too but he wasn’t. Snoop Dogg was apparently stuck in traffic so he answered questions via cell phone. It looks like a renter.

Superman Through the Ages was basically just a celebration of the release of the new Richard Donner director’s cut of Superman II (in my opinion, despite it’s problems for Donner, the best Superman movie). They showed the original opening of the film as well as an alternate scene of Lois figuring out that Clark was Superman and then testing him to save her life. This version was a lot less silly than the theatrical scene wherein she throws herself in the river and screams for 5 minutes. Donner himself was there (to a standing ovation) as well as the original Lois Lane from the TV show, Jimmy Olsen from Supes Returns, and Jimmy Olsen and the brut from Superman II. I’m still not a big fan of the Superman mythos, but I have always enjoyed the Donner movies so I must say the whole thing was pretty exciting. If Terrence Stamp had been there, I might have misplaced my proverbial shit.

Next up was the much anticipated BSG panel. Everyone in the audience was very excited as the introduced Ron Moore, the producer dude and the actors: D'Anna! Gaius! The Old Man! And…well, we were told it was Apollo. But it WASN’T! Imagine my sheer joy when none other than THE CHIEF walked on stage, replacing Jamie Bamber for whatever reason. I HEART the Chief! He was adorable and obviously, unlike his character, the biggest goofball of the group. It was a really entertaining panel. They all seem to have a very good time and, despite Eddie’s persistent comments about how this is the darkest show he has ever been apart of, and his digression about the Bird Flu, it was all very lighthearted. The audience questions weren’t even ALL THAT annoying. Unfortunately, my pictures didn’t come out too well, but you can still make out who’s who. CHIEF!!!

After BSG, we hit the floor to find Ben and Jump Street and happened upon the table wherein Brian Poshen and fellow creators of “The Last Christmas” were signing. I finally was able to buy my copy of the first issue (sold out of every comic book store in Seattle) AND have everyone sign it. They were very friendly and cute and make small talk with us. They also, apparently, sign messages for the ladies but not so for the gents. I love being a girl at Comic Con.

After that we were definitely ready for some food. We went to a pretty tasty Thai restaurant and then back to the con for Pitchin’ Impossible, a supposedly “useful” panel about pitching a cartoon. We had thought that perhaps its usefulness could be translated to pitching feature films. There were two main issues with this panel. One: They specifically stated that it COULDN’T really be translated to pitching a film. Two: Regardless of what medium we wanted to pitch, it still wasn’t all that useful. There was no mention on how to get a pitch meeting. No notion of how to get your foot in the door if you aren’t already in the business. THAT’S what we need to know, people. If they don’t even take our damned phone calls, your advice won’t help us.

The con was done for the day and so we hooked back up with Ben and Jump Street. Earlier in the day, they had received free passes to a sneak preview of Accepted, a new comedy starring the kid from the Mac commercials and the actor who is stealing Ben’s career. Their pass also invited them to a kegger on the lawn in front of the Hilton. We thought that perhaps we could tag team with the passes so that everybody could take advantage of the free beer. Well, my friends, the scam was even EASIER to pull than that. As you went in with your laminate pass, and they checked your I.D., you were given a wrist band to indicate your 21+ status. They did NOT take away the laminate and they only checked the wrist band for re-entry. So Ben and Jump Street came back out and gave us their passes. Then I went in and got a wrist band and Jump Street came back out one more time with the passes to get Faye and Dom in. Soon, we were all enjoying free “beer” (Miller Light) and ice cream bars on the lawn. Since it is now apparent to me that Comic Con won’t help my career, THIS is why I come to these festivals: for the scamming of the free booze.

As the party wound down, we snuck into the Hilton to use their bathroom. It was there that Ben MET Jonah Hill, a nice enough kid with an entourage of cute girls, and took a picture with him.

We weren’t ready to stop drinking, so we walked up the street and went into the first bar we saw that had seats for us. It was a sports bar and despite the host saying that they were expecting a huge crowd, the place was rather empty. We were seated and waited on by a very cute, Tina Majorino-esque waitress who brought us way too many drinks (apart from Dom, of course, who instead enjoyed a cone of chicken).

The place remained pretty empty so our service was top notch. A random guy sat at our table and talked to us for a while. Most of us got drunk. Ben was absolutely hammered. Eventually, we closed our tab and returned to the hotel. I made a phone call and Ben walked around our room in his underwear before we all passed out.

Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion!


So very tired. Many pictures. A few entertaining stories. As per usual, I will recap in installments. Hopefully I will have the pics uploaded tomorrow.


Everyone took the day off of work but me. I only took a half day in an attempt to preserve my precious few remaining vacation days. The gang (consisting of Faye, Dom and Ben) met me downtown for lunch at Fado before we were to hop on the bus to the airport. Spirits were high. This was particularly exhibited in Ben, who entertained our waiter with his fervor. I had my first drink of the vacation: an Irish Coffee.

The trip to the airport was speedy and uneventful. We got to the gate in record time which was inconsequential because our flight was delayed. Apparently, there was something wrong with the seal on the doors, so they had to RE-seal the entire door and then test the pressure in the cabin to make sure we could all still breathe. While I am grateful that they were so cautious, it’s never pleasant to have a flight delayed two hours. Particularly considering the fact that airport bars aren’t cheap. Regardless, Faye and I each drank two pretty, overpriced fancy drinks and we waited to board.

On the plane, we decided to upkeep our buzz and expected to pay for the drinks (as they’d announced the prices at the beginning of the flight). However, apparently they were giving away free cocktails to make up for the delay. They were keeping this on the D.L., however, so that only we lushes who had planned to order drinks anyway, would discover the freebie.

We landed without incident and, since we planned ahead this year, our hotel was easy for our cab driver to find. We arrived too late to pick up our Comic-Con passes, however (the sole reason for us to arrive on Wednesday, rather than Thursday). It was also too late to get dinner, as everything near us was closed apart from a 7-11. We decided to sup on snacks and cold beverages and return to the hotel to watch a movie on Pay-Per-View. Even though the selection was sparse and poor, we IN NO WAY settled on and completed a viewing of She’s The Man. No sir. Ben, having NOT seen She’s The Man in the theatre, retired to his room to sleep and wait for his roommate, Jump Street (so nicknamed, by me and Faye, because he is training to be a cop), to arrive.

After NOT watching She’s The Man, we fell comfortably asleep in our air-conditioned bliss.


Ben and Jump Street apparently woke up earlier than us and were ready to head down to the con to catch Ben’s first panel so we agreed to meet them later. Dom, Faye and I had a little more time because the first thing we wanted to see didn’t start until noon. We caffeinated on the way, and then got in line to pick up our passes. The previous year, we were able to wait in the much shorter “professional” line, on account of our film being in the festival. This year, we had to wait in the long line with the people. It was, however, a very efficient system, and we had our passes relatively quickly. We still had some time before our panels, so we wandered the floor for a bit. I read the signing schedule and discovered that Bill Willingham would be signing later in the day. I texted Ben to this effect as, he was currently reading Fables. Ben was apparently nonplussed about it, since he didn’t know who Bill Willingham was. Anywho, Faye and Dom parted ways with me and went off to learn about Writing for the Computer Gaming Industry. I went on my own to the CFQ Movie Preview panel to see some trailers.

The highlight of this for me was a trailer for the new Uwe Boll movie, Dungeon Seige. Of course, the panelists and much of the audience scoffed at the prospect. It baffles me that so many people can appreciate the accidental humor of Showgirls but fail to see the humor in the glorious ineptitude of a Uwe Boll film. The man is, if nothing else, consistent in making a lame, or otherwise uninteresting concept (a boring, obscure video game, for instance) into an incoherent, silly, and occasionally surreal spectacle. How can you not be entertained by that?! In the world of Uwe, Tara Reid is an Anthropologist who can’t even pronounce her own profession! Christian Slater is greasy and uncoordinated, but also an action hero! It’s BRILLIANT! The tradition is most assuredly carried on in Dungeon Siege (the full title of which is actually In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale). It’s difficult to make out any sort of plot from the trailer (if we’re to even assume that there IS a plot), but who need a plot when you have Jason Statham, fresh from some British gangster film, having not changed his look or demeanor one iota, fighting with swords in a far away and long ago land! Are there demons? Just regular corrupt royal types? Who can tell! But I do know that he fights SOMEONE and that Ray Liotta is involved. And also that Burt Reynolds, with his botched Botox face shows up in some sort of kingly garb. Who else is there? Why, Leelee Sobieski. (Remember when people thought she was going to be the next Jodi Foster? Well, now she’s in Uwe Boll movies!), Matthew Lillard (one can only hope he attempts an accent), Claire Forlani, and two actors who are INCAPABLE of saying no to ANY SCRIPT they are given: John Rhys-Davies and Ron Perlman. This is a winning formula if ever there was one. Unfortunately, since the rest of the world doesn’t seem to appreciate Uwe in the way that some of us more enlightened parties do, we may have to wait for video on this one. I was just as excited for BloodRayne, but could not get anyone to drive to Auburn to see it during the 3 days that it was released theatrically. But don’t cry for Uwe. No matter how critically panned he is, or how much money his films lose, he still gets funding to make new movies! This fact makes a believer out of me. Here’s hoping that one day he decides to collaborate with Joe Eszterhas. That pairing would either create the greatest bad film of all time, or else it would either usher in the end of days.

Sorry about that little digression. Uwe has that effect on me. Anyway, after that, it was time to meet everyone for lunch. Ben and Jump Street were finishing up somewhere, so Dom, Faye and I scouted ahead for a destination. As we headed into the Gas Lamp district, we were handed coupons for free appetizers at Rock Bottom Brewery. We looked briefly looked around for alternatives, but ended up at Rock Bottom anyway.
Back at the convention center, Ben, Dom and Jump Street went to the Pinky and the Brain panel, and Faye agreed to wait with me for Bill Willingham. As we entered the DC area, we looked at the name plates on the table and saw that Brian K. Vaughn, the one writer that Faye WANTED to meet, was signing. None of these people were mentioned on the website. Over the course of the next few days, we would learn that pretty much EVERYONE we would want to meet, were, in fact, there. Why they weren’t listed on the website, I have no idea. Perhaps they don’t know they are coming until the last minute? Are we then meant to carry around the books of everyone we would HOPE to run into, in the off chance that they will be there? Luckily, you can buy comics at the Comic-Con )go figure). This helped me because there are still some Fables that I don’t have. Faye, however, already owns the Brian K. Vaughn collection, so she just had him sign a poster for his new, not-yet-released book. We then went to find somewhere that I could buy Fables. On the way back, we passed the SLG (i.e. Goth Comics) booth and saw that Roman Dirge would also be signing later that day. Faye and I quickly bought a Dirge book we didn’t have and then got in line for Willingham. In the meantime, Ben, Dom and Jump Street had given up on Pinky and the Brain (apparently the line was too long), and were wandering the floor. I spotted David Arquette, my one non-panel or signing celeb spotting of the weekend. The previous year, the con had been littered with famous types running hither and thither. Perhaps they were more difficult to spot this year on account of there being TWICE as many con goers. Yipes.

Anyway, Faye and I waited for Willingham. And waited. And waited. An hour later, the line hadn’t moved at all. I peeked around the corner to find out what was causing the hold-up, but my lack of observation skills prevented me from learning anything. Faye went a little later and read the sign that explained everything. Apparently, the artist was drawing sketches for charity. He could pump out one sketch about every twenty minutes. Meanwhile, Willingham’s job of simply signing his name was being impeded by his meticulous artist. With only half an hour left in his signing time, his assistant brought everyone who only wanted a signature to the front of the line. I got my book signed and personalized and was on my way.

Faye had already gotten in line for Dirge. His line was efficient and we were up there in no time. Dirge, being a much simpler fellow, was able to draw Lenore IN my Lenore book and still have us out of there within 10 minutes of lining up. Gotta love those competent Goths.

Faye and I briefly stopped at the Film Threat booth to bother our friend Mark Bell, and then found our fellas. We dropped our heavy new acquisitions off at the hotel, and then wandered out into the world to find some dinner. Of course, by this time, everyone else at the con was also looking for dinner, and places were filling up fast. We became less and less choosy about where we ended up. We finally settled on a Mexican place on a side street. Several expensive, yet delicious drinks later (the mojitos were particularly delicious), our bellies were full, and we rolled ourselves back to the hotel. Ben, Dom and Faye were ready to retire, but Jump Street and I decided to hit the town for a drink or two. We found a nice, quiet sports bar (which was probably only quiet on account of it being Thursday), and had a few drinks whilst discussing comic book movies. The first round was free, since our bartender told us the total and then never came back.

Stay tuned for part II!

looking for you

Plight is on hold. The budget is just too unfeasible for a first-time feature. This doesn't mean it won't get made. It just means we're putting it off until we can make it right. In the meantime, we will be focusing on Faye's ghost story script, Fetch (which has little to no special effects and only a few characters…think Japanese horror film but without Toshio!). This also puts ME on the back burner a bit. The only reason both of us were directing Plight is because we both wrote it. So this time 1 writer = 1 director. Dom said I can co-produce but what does that mean in terms of an uber indie film? It sounds kind of like “associate producer” and anyone who's seen State and Main knows what that means.

I'm excited for Fetch. The concept alone makes my skin crawl and the Japanese horror film style is hot right now so it has a good chance of going somewhere. There's also a chance that we could get one of our favorite little blonde teen detectives to star in it. I always wanted Faye to get Fetch made. I just assumed it would happen after we got famous together.

In the meantime, I have been commissioned to work on some of my ideas “just in case”. Unfortunately, none of them are particularly cheap or as much of a winning concept as Faye's. They are more along the lines of “hollywood horror for a quick buck”. One is basically an Eli Roth movie. Maybe I'll write that one and send it to him along with a picture of my boobies and see how far that gets me. Going through my short Rolodex of hackneyed ideas makes me feel a little bit like, well, a hack.

Anyway, I'm just a little worried about how I fit into this new GadZook plan, is all. I am happy to take one for the team if it means I will be brought back into the picture at a later date. I just feel a little redundant right now.

I'm sure Faye and Dom will try to argue with me here (or at least I HOPE they'll feel the need to do so) but there's no need. I know I'm still part of the team and blah di blah. I just wanted to whinge a little.

Been saved lately


I realize I have been slacking on my weekend recaps of late. I’ve started a few but have been too distracted to finish them. My brain is fairly muddled these days. And when I’m actually bored by what I’m writing, I can only imagine how boring it would be for someone else to read, so I’ve just abandoned them. So I’m sorry if anyone has been looking forward to reading what I haven’t been writing.

I’m going to now attempt a really general weekend recap. Hopefully it won’t suck.


I tagged along with B., Galloo and Alex to a work party at Howl At The Moon, a dueling piano bar in Pioneer Square. The notion of super cheap drinks was (and is almost always) too good to pass up, even when accompanied with extremely cheesy piano versions of rock songs. We had a good 45 minutes of quiet with our cheap drinks and free (mediocre) appetizers before the “show” started. The show is performed by who I can only guess are two struggling musical theatre actors trying to supplement their income. Yes, they know the words and piano arrangements of seemingly any song that someone would suggest. But that doesn’t make it right. Now, some of you might think that this is something I would enjoy. My love of cheesy and so-bad-it’s-good things is well known. But believe me, this intolerable. The guy had a predilection to changing lyrics for “comedic” (read: Vaudevillian) value. The girl looked and sounded exactly like that annoying lady from Ally McBeal (who, in my opinion, was the worst part about the show…and there were a LOT of bad parts about that show). They tried to get everyone to sing along and, worse, CLAP. Luckily, we left before they dug into the PROP BOXES they each had under their pianos. My god. I felt like I was in an old folk's home on a cruise ship. The lengths we will go to for cheap drinks…

4 drinks later, we set about finding something else to do. We eventually settled on Linda’s, managing to score the big window table. We ordered a round of the strongest vodka drinks ever, and were later joined by Meep. I didn’t find Linda’s as annoying as usual because, I imagine, it was still early, we were sitting, and the waitress wasn’t abusing us.

After our second round of flammable beverages, B. had the BRILLIANT idea to score a box of wine from QFC and then return to Meep’s apartment for drinking games. We all loved this plan. It was infallible.

At this point, everyone was pretty drunk. It seemed to take us ages to get to Meep’s, when, in fact, it was apparently only 9:00. The rest of the evening is somewhat of a blur, although I do recall Alex and Andrew exploding a mini keg in Meep’s kitchen, struggling through 2 rounds of Asshole, singing along to Pulp’s “Different Class”, Meep and I getting all sentimental (probably as a result of all the Brit Pop), and Alex singing a marathon song with improvised lyrics and recurring chorus about Meep forgetting the sun and the heartache. I think Borg may have shown up at some point as well.


After a few hours of nursing a pretty awful hangover headache, I was able to venture out into the sun and get some eggy potatoey goodness with B.. I spent the afternoon indulging in Tru Calling and smoking with Meep. In the evening, I went to a marathon Italian feast at Salvatore with B. and 20 of his friends. It was an inexplicably pirate-themed birthday.


Photo shoot! We shot 4 different scenes for promo posters for “Plight”. The day started at 8am. Sherwood was our first zombie victim. We shot a coffee scenario at a little shop called Faire on Olive and Melrose. The space used to be a second-hand book shop. Now it’s a very nice coffee shop/art gallery. Luckily (for us, anyway), it was also pretty empty when we were there, so we were able to shoot with no interruption from customers. The art on display was a really cool series of abstract cloud scenes. One of the paintings is actually on the cover of the Stranger this week.

The second location was a wall across from Bill’s that we tried to make look like it was next to a hot dog vendor.

The last two scenes were shot in Volunteer Park. One at a bus stop, and one on some stairs next to the reservoir.

It was a beautiful day. Arguably, the nicest day of the year so far. I’m really glad I got to spend it outside. Thanks to everyone who came out and made the whole thing run very smoothly.

Dom, Meep and I spent the evening looking at the pictures and choosing the best ones. I think we’ve got something good here. Stay tuned for some links to some promo posters. Hopefully, you’ll also be seeing them around town. Buzzzzz!

After work, the Troika ate some Nazi Thai (Dom went to pick it up for me and Meep, as we are BANNED), and we attempted to watch “Dead and Breakfast”. A good portion of it was viewed in fast forward. Note to self: find out who was responsible for the sound design of that film and avoid them.

After the movie, Meep took her leave. I actually nodded off around 10:30. I think I really needed the rest. So why am I STILL tired this morning?