my new career

I am positively flabbergasted. In the new issue of The Stranger, our Hump entry has been reviewed more favorably than we could have ever imagined a semi-inebriated spur-of-the-moment video shoot to be. You can read all of the reviews here.

The full review follows:

USA, 2006 (1 min.)
Dir. XXX

The purest and most primitive of all seasonings and une serviette, the most refined of all table implements, come together in this short film. An allegory that challenges all of the audience's assumptions about what constitutes pornography, Condoments is a lo-fi meditation on race and class. The most complex and troubling issues we face as a society are the implicit players in this the coarse film, which also touches on the pleasures of dry humping amid the affected luxury of a fine dining establishment. Active and passive role-playing (consumption versus service, and vice versa) are also addressed. This HUMP! entry will be discussed in college-level cinema classes for generations to come.

Maybe we DO have a shot at that trip to Vegas. One thing is for certain. I am definitely going to put a lot more effort into an entry for next year. Perhaps I should take this as a sign that I should forgo the job search and become Lady Cyanide: Porn Producer full time.

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