At the Porcupine Racetrack

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Do you like to laugh? If so, you might be excited to note that at long last, Season 1 of MTV's early-90s sketch comedy show The State is now available for download on i-tunes. They have been trying to put out a DVD of this show for years but have run into a lot of trouble securing music rights. If enough people download the sketches on i-tunes, they may FINALLY release a DVD of this brilliant show. If you've never seen The State, you may still be familiar with the work of the members on shows like Reno 911, Best Week Ever, every VH1 show about a decade and in numerous films and series guest spots over the years. Michael Ian Black was also on some show that my dad liked called Ed. Dreamy Ken Marino had an inappropriate teacher/student relationship with Joey on Dawson's Creek and impregnated Cordelia with his demon semen on Angel. Even if you think you won't like it, download it anyway. It's only $10. I would personally guarantee your money back if you don't laugh but then that would mean that you have no soul and souless people don't deserve money.

Bettie Madness

In case you missed it, King 5 posted their story on the mural. Unfortunately, they don't include the teasers which hilariously attempted to futher scandalize the story. I really hope Fox decides to cover it because their story would be priceless. “Erotic Mural off I-5. Is it art or pornography? And is it safe?”