Seattle Snowpocalypse 08 is Here!

It’s damn cold in Seattle this week. Like, 18 degrees with windchill cold. We are not accustomed to this sort of cold. I have been wearing as many layers as possible and feeling a little bit like this:

But at least I’m warm. Not that I’m complaining (much). Because there’s actually snow involved in this maddness. There’s still snow on the ground from the 2-3 inches we got on Saturday and an 80% chance of more white stuff tonight. Of course, everyone is freaking out and calling in “snow” to work.

I can’t see any falling flakes yet, but in anticipation the 80 percent inevitable snowpocalypse, here are some pictures of took on Saturday. Snow sure is neat.

Snowman outside 7-11.

Snow and spotlights coming from distant sex shop.

Walkin’ in Ballard.

Our blanketed backyard.

Self portrait.

Snowy Bettie.

Update:Confidential to the weather forecasters, when snow falls from the sky in liquid form, it’s called rain. And that’s exactly what’s happening outside right now. Oh well.

Bye Bye Bettie

Bettie Page, the woman who launched 1000 bangs and defined the pinup girl, has died. As you might have guessed, we’re big fans of Bettie at my house and very sad to hear of her passing. Recently someone asked if we’d heard the news…that Bettie Page was still alive. It’s true that she hasn’t been in the media much since she quit modeling. We forget that in the old days, when a supermodel retired, that was it. They dropped out of the public eye and returned to normal lives. Nowadays she probably would have had a recording contract and a reality show and/or talk show to help drive her career into the ground. Instead, her iconic and untainted visage was burned into the collective consciousness forever.

It was tarnished only slightly, 3 years ago, when Mary Harron made that corny biopic. It was then that I first saw a picture of Octogenarian Bettie. She was still gorgeous (and still had her signature hair). Now that she’s gone, I hope someone is inspired to make a decent celluloid tribute to her life. But we’ll always have those amazing pictures…and Rockabilly chicks, to remember her by.

My baby's in the news again

The Stranger hopped on the story about Brugos' mural. I guess they needed to wait until there was some actual contention before they would write about it. It's an informative and (mostly) accurate piece, apart from spelling his name wrong at the end and getting his age wrong as well.

I like the picture too. It's deliberate forced-perspective designed to make Brugos look not hobbit sized next to John's elf stature. Fo real.

Bettie Madness

In case you missed it, King 5 posted their story on the mural. Unfortunately, they don't include the teasers which hilariously attempted to futher scandalize the story. I really hope Fox decides to cover it because their story would be priceless. “Erotic Mural off I-5. Is it art or pornography? And is it safe?”

Bettie Page Revisited

Live Journal broke it first, of course, but for some reason local news has decided to choose today to report on the Bettie Page mural on the side of the house that can be seen from I-5. There was an interview on Komo and there will be a vignette on King 5 tonight at 10. The owner was interviewed for the piece. Yours truly was also interviewed in the segment as “the girlfriend”. Rock!

UPDATE: I totally got cut from the segment. The interviewer kept trying to get me to say I was jealous or pissed off about the mural but I wasn't having it. I guess a mellow girlfriend isn't newsworthy.

this ones gonna blow

Brugos' new Bettie Page mural on the side of his house has caused a stir on the Seattle LJ community! It's pretty neat to get to hang out in a house that will probably become a Seattle landmark.