My husband just informed me that the buses are still on a “holiday schedule” even though there isn’t any snow left on the ground. Since when was December 29th a holiday? Or is it just an excuse because of all the articulated buses which went out of commission during the snowstorm? This might make sense under normal circumstances because a lot of people leave town this time of year. But this year, no one COULD leave town so we still need to be able to get around.

Also, it is very windy right now. The wind has been rattling my windows in a frightening fashion and I just had to pick up the recycling from our yard after the bin tipped over. It’s a very large bin and overflowing as well since the garbage trucks haven’t been able to pick anything up. Everyone has very full garbage and recycling bins out in hopes that it will all get hauled away sometime soon.

But anyway, apparently this wind is causing more problems than just strewn garbage. Apparently it is also causing power outages. Whatever the hell could be next? Stay tuned for Yeti-watch 2K9.


Snowpocalypse Recap

Almost all the snow is gone and things are basically back to normal. So it’s hard to believe that just a couple of days ago, our street was still level with the sidewalk. Did you guys know it SNOWED?!

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I’m Holding You To It says 100% chance of snow. 100% means definitely absolutely yes for sure it will snow. If it doesn’t that officially makes them liars.

Are you a LIAR

Seattle Snowpocalypse 08 is Here!

It’s damn cold in Seattle this week. Like, 18 degrees with windchill cold. We are not accustomed to this sort of cold. I have been wearing as many layers as possible and feeling a little bit like this:

But at least I’m warm. Not that I’m complaining (much). Because there’s actually snow involved in this maddness. There’s still snow on the ground from the 2-3 inches we got on Saturday and an 80% chance of more white stuff tonight. Of course, everyone is freaking out and calling in “snow” to work.

I can’t see any falling flakes yet, but in anticipation the 80 percent inevitable snowpocalypse, here are some pictures of took on Saturday. Snow sure is neat.

Snowman outside 7-11.

Snow and spotlights coming from distant sex shop.

Walkin’ in Ballard.

Our blanketed backyard.

Self portrait.

Snowy Bettie.

Update:Confidential to the weather forecasters, when snow falls from the sky in liquid form, it’s called rain. And that’s exactly what’s happening outside right now. Oh well.

Effed by the Weather

This is the current forecast for tomorrow:

weather forecast

In case you didn’t notice the date, it is JUNE SEVENTH. I am getting married tomorrow.


Sans sleeves.

At least the ceremony is only 20 minutes long…

Thanks a bunch, National News

Dear National News,

Why did you tell my mom Seattle was being evacuated?! She called me in a panic. I was out getting teriyaki. She'd just tried my office line and there was NO ANSWER. She called my cell phone and I, as usual, didn't hear it the first time because the city is loud. So she left me a voicemail telling her to call her back IMMEDIATELY if I was ALIVE and OK.

So I did, and she told me that YOU told her Seattle was being evacuated, that streets were flooded, power was out and public transportation was out of commission. Granted, all of these were true, but only on a relatively small scale. This is no hurricane Katrina and the only people who had to evacuate anything were people who's homes had trees fall on them. They didn't need to leave the city and hopefully, they have friends and family who could take them in.

Maybe you DIDN'T say that the entire city was being evacuated. You might have just said the WORD “evacuate” and that was enough to take several years off my mother's life. But I know you, National News. You are as prone to sensationalizing things as my mother is. So between the two of you, wires got crossed and I had to get out of line at the teriyaki place to calm my mother down and assure her that I was unharmed and, apart from having not showered this morning and being late to work because of the power outage, otherwise unaffected by the storm. It didn't help that all of her equally unstable friends who know of me called one after the other to ask if she'd SPOKEN TO HER DAUGHTER YET!!!! What a mess.

Anyway, all I ask is that you PLEASE try to be EXTRA careful when using words like “evacuate” and “disaster” to be sure they are appropriate to the magnitude of the situation. Fragile old women like my mother just can't handle it.

Thanks a bunch!



Another weather post

So it's official. This is more than just a particularly horrible Seattle winter. Two weeks ago, it was SNOW. Now it's FLOODS and WIND STORMS. Holy. Crap.

This is in Wallingford!

Many people woke up to find TREES on their cars.

People are kayaking in the streets!

Who wants to place bets on what's next? Tsunami, volcano or P.T. Anderson frog plague?

The umbrella fiasco continues…

Due to this apocalyptic fucking weather we're having, my trip to the library resulted in me having to buy YET ANOTHER umbrella after the wind ripped my trusty polka dot number to shreds. I briefly mourned the loss of a good umbrella which has served me for over a year (and which I miraculously hadn't lost) before ducking into Bartell to buy another umbrella. I know I still have the one from Portland at home, but this isn't the kind of day in which you can be umbrella-less even for a second. As it is, they only serve to keep parts of you dry. The rest of you is wind-blown.

Let me take this opportunity, too, to mention how incredibly jealous I am of people with naturally curly hair or otherwise natural body to their hair. Seattle in winter is not the place for people with naturally straight, bodiless hair, as anything we do to it in the morning is negated in a matter of minutes. I know it's like this every year in Seattle, and this will be my 10th winter here, but am I the only one who feels like it's SO much darker and miserable this time? Wonder why that is.

that these two had

Oh my god! It's snowing outside! It must be the end of the world! That means it's a good time to do a meme.

1. Who are the 3 people that occupy your thoughts the most?
(I think this is correct because it’s the first 3 people who came into my head).

2. What is a lie that you tell yourself?
I don’t need to move to L.A.

3. What is something that not many people know about you?
I’m actually very shy.

4. What are 2 things that you are addicted to?
DVD collecting and caffeine

5. Have you ever read someone’s diary/journal and still to this day they have no idea?
Yes. I was sure an ex was cheating on me. He was smart enough to not write about it in his damned diary. All I found were his REALLY atrocious poems and entries about an ex that he wasn’t over. But I found out later that he was, in fact, cheating…the WHOLE time. I promise this is the only time I have or will ever have done something like this. Your diaries are safe with me.

6. What is something important on your nightstand?
Many many books. Like my father before me, I have to read at least 3 books at one time.

7. What’s hanging on your walls?
Posters, a few art prints and two original paintings.

8. What is your favorite thing to buy?
The perfect cardigan.

10. Is there someone you regret sleeping with?
There’s a lesson in everything.

11. Who is a good kisser?

13. A type of person you don't seem to get along with?
Extremely religious people and “princesses”.

14. Have you ever gotten paid to do something stupid?
Canvassing for the Sierra Club. Stupid AND humiliating.

15. What is something that irritates you to no end?
Not having a plan.

16. Do you believe that it is possible to be with one person for the rest of your life?
Yes. But it requires a lot of work.

17. What song are you listening to right now?
“I’m One” by The Who

18. Your most memorable birthday?
My 25th. First birthday with DZ. We’d been dating for, like, a week. We reserved the basement of the Alibi room. My friend who lives abroad, made an exclusive appearance. Meep was wearing a lovely green dress and bought DZ some white socks (Because “that’s comedy!”), an ex-boyfriend came and Meep told DZ to kick his ass, and we danced like the wave of the ocean romance.

19. The memory that still makes you laugh uncontrollably?
B’s impression of his cat.

20. Have you ever been in a wedding?
Flower girl when I was 5 for my aunt and uncle.
Bridesmaid for my friend Kristie
Reader of poem for my friend Nikki

21. Who would you like to speak at your funeral?
Whoever shows up.

22. Do you flirt with your guy/girl friends?
It’s possible.

23. Have you ever been called a tease?
No. Does that mean I’m a slut?

24. Are you closer with your mother or father?
Not really close with either of them, actually. I get along better with my dad but my mom knows more about my life because she asks more questions.

25. What is a movie that you could watch over and over?
The Jerk.

26. What song are you listening to now?
“Telephone Line” by ELO

27. Who was the last person you talked to?
Some dude who is doing construction in the office next door to our and wanted to look inside our ceiling.

28. What is your favorite cookie?
Oatmeal raisin.

29. How old will you be on your next birthday?

30. What is on your list of things to do tomorrow?
Work and then hopefully catch a Happy Hour somewhere with Elyse. After that, it’s open. Anybody want to hang out?

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