The umbrella fiasco continues…

Due to this apocalyptic fucking weather we're having, my trip to the library resulted in me having to buy YET ANOTHER umbrella after the wind ripped my trusty polka dot number to shreds. I briefly mourned the loss of a good umbrella which has served me for over a year (and which I miraculously hadn't lost) before ducking into Bartell to buy another umbrella. I know I still have the one from Portland at home, but this isn't the kind of day in which you can be umbrella-less even for a second. As it is, they only serve to keep parts of you dry. The rest of you is wind-blown.

Let me take this opportunity, too, to mention how incredibly jealous I am of people with naturally curly hair or otherwise natural body to their hair. Seattle in winter is not the place for people with naturally straight, bodiless hair, as anything we do to it in the morning is negated in a matter of minutes. I know it's like this every year in Seattle, and this will be my 10th winter here, but am I the only one who feels like it's SO much darker and miserable this time? Wonder why that is.


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