Really Weird Stuff E20: Twin Peaks – The Black Widow

On episode 20 of Really Weird Stuff, we’re discussing Twin Peaks Season 2, Episode 12: The Black Widow”. This episode was written by Harley Peyton and Robert Engels and directed by Caleb Deschanel. It’s best known as the one where Dougie dies and Denise and Audrey help Coop clear his name. For an episode that features Evelyn, James, and that Little Nicky business, it’s surprisingly funny. Special guest Chris Brugos joins us to explore such mysteries as:

DID Coop learn to taste random white powders at Quantico?
WHAT is the deal with the woman from Galway?
WHO has the more compelling forehead, between James and Malcolm?

PLUS: We analyze Audrey’s reaction to meeting Denise!

Editors note: In this episode, we mention that the episode titles were added after they first aired in the United States. The titles were later bestowed by unknown persons when they aired on German television.

Listen to the episode here!