Seattle Snowpocalypse 08 is Here!

It’s damn cold in Seattle this week. Like, 18 degrees with windchill cold. We are not accustomed to this sort of cold. I have been wearing as many layers as possible and feeling a little bit like this:

But at least I’m warm. Not that I’m complaining (much). Because there’s actually snow involved in this maddness. There’s still snow on the ground from the 2-3 inches we got on Saturday and an 80% chance of more white stuff tonight. Of course, everyone is freaking out and calling in “snow” to work.

I can’t see any falling flakes yet, but in anticipation the 80 percent inevitable snowpocalypse, here are some pictures of took on Saturday. Snow sure is neat.

Snowman outside 7-11.

Snow and spotlights coming from distant sex shop.

Walkin’ in Ballard.

Our blanketed backyard.

Self portrait.

Snowy Bettie.

Update:Confidential to the weather forecasters, when snow falls from the sky in liquid form, it’s called rain. And that’s exactly what’s happening outside right now. Oh well.



  1. It’s a little ridiculous- half of the office stayed home today, many of the business around here are closed, and all of the local schools are closed….yet…there is no snow!!! Ha ha, Seattle.

    • No kidding. I can’t believe Seattle schools get a snow day because of a prediction.

  2. I have a friend who works at MS and their connector shuttle to work emailed this AM to say that service was cancelled…and not a speck of snow in the sky or on the roads. Whatev! That said, I’m sleeping in late tomorrow just in case it snows. Part of me feels silly about it, but dude…getting downtown from Capitol Hill when it’s snowy and icy by bus is ridiculous and oftentimes nigh-impossible, nevermind trying to walk down the hill.

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