Accelerates recovery from athletic injury



I began my Friday by meeting Elyse at Ohana for happy hour. Their regular food menu is a little pricier than I care to pay, but for $3 each during happy hour, you can get some delicious veggie appetizers that rival that of the Dragonfish! You can also get $3.95 Blue Hawaiians, which are basically Polynesian Long-Islands. And damn, do they fuck you up.
Elyse and I gorged ourselves and gabbed. It was a lot of fun. I feel like I haven’t hung out with Elyse in ages. In actuality, I saw her at my birthday, but I guess one just can’t get enough of Elyse. Especially when the next thing she does is take you behind a dumpster, next to a pee-soaked mattress and smoke you out. Now THAT’S friendship.
While we were waiting outside Ohana for Gene to show up, Andrew and Brugos called from the Cyclops. There was still time for me to get in a drink or two before I was supposed to head back up the hill for a screening of “Snow Day” at the Film Forum. I called Faye to see if she wanted to come down, but of course she didn’t. I probably wouldn’t have either. Coming down the hill and back up again in a matter of hours is not a fun bus activity for a Friday night. So I stayed for only one drink. It took ages to get that drink, however, because the waiter was a snob. When we hesitated on our order, he actually turned away from us and waited on the table next to us. Then he didn’t come back to us for half an hour. When he finally did come back, I ordered something called The Pink Eye. The others had ordered fries a long time ago and those still hadn’t come out either. This combined with the general snootiness of our waiter, prompted Brugos to suggest that we dine and dash. He suggested it several times, so I think he might have been serious. Perhaps it’s due to that Silver Spoons episode, but I’ve never been able to do that. Luckily, I was leaving before bill time anyway. Elyse will have to fill me in on the ultimate outcome of that situation. I left around 9:00, but not before Brugos cracked us all up with the most hilarious and not inaccurate impression of his loquacious cat, Lucy. This impression basically involves him emitting a high-pitched, continuous scream that is almost too obnoxious to carry out in a public place. Instant classic.
I had a (thankfully) uneventful bus ride back up the hill and met Faye, Borgia and Gafzilla at the Satellite for another quickie. Of course, a quickie drink at the Satellite takes no less than an hour. By then I was on the road to Drunky Town. I decided to stop drinking at that point so that, if there was a Q & A following the screening, I wouldn’t embarrass myself (and Faye) completely.
At the theatre, I bought some popcorn (which is deliciously popped in coconut oil!) and a water to soak up some of the Blue Hawaiian mess in my stomach. Luckily, there was already plenty of Agadashi Tofu in there. That’s the wonderful thing about Happy Hours with good food. You never overdo the drinking too much because you’re constantly stuffing your face.
ANYWAY, we sat through some good shorts and some okay shorts and one pretty impressive Evil Dead remake (sort of) as done by some 15-year-olds who had obviously been doing their homework. Our one under-21 actor was finally able to attend a screening with his friends and Faye suggested that we plant him in the audience at all our screenings. The boy loves to laugh. It makes us feel, well, hilarious.
After the movies, they called all the filmmakers up to introduce themselves and even though the alcohol had pretty much left me at that point (and sleepiness was starting to take over) I still fucked up a simple introduction by introducing myself and the movie without Faye. She was standing right next to me, and in my messed-up brain, I assumed that she would just introduce herself. But I’d already said the name of the film. Sorry, Faye. I still feel like a right-asshole about that.
As we gathered our wits outside, we were approached by the guy who’d done the voiceover in our trailer. We’d never met him before but, of course, we recognized his voice. Really nice guy!
And then it was time for beddy-bye.


I took care of a few errands straight away when I woke up so that I couldn’t procrastinate them off the schedule. One of them included cleaning up the bathroom where Tobe had decided to pee on the bathmat. The little fella has been peeing in all manner of places that aren’t his litter box as of late (including my suitcase). I know he knows HOW to use the litter box because he uses it for everything else. I’ve also seen him pee in it. But not lately. I think he might be trying to tell us something, either about his health or about his mental state. He has a vet appointment next Saturday. Hopefully, he won’t ruin anymore of my stuff before then.
After the errands, and a brief moment of being sucked into watching the trainwreck that is “The Other Sister” on TV, I headed over to meet Faye so that we could shop for our Halloween costumes (which are going to be VERY awesome). We spent way more time at Value Village than a person should, and then topped it off with a trip to Crossroads (where I completed my costume). Faye is still working on hers but I’m confident that it will come together brilliantly. Possibly our best costumes since we’ve been costuming together…to wear to what may be the best Halloween Party in recent years. Can’t wait!
Sherrard, we didn’t see anything for your costume, but we will be on the lookout!

After Crossroads, I went to buy a new bathmat, and Faye and I wandered around the Uber QFC wondering if we should cook or go to a restaurant. We finally decided to go to the Wok and Grill, and I’m certain that it was the best decision. We highly recommend the string beans in garlic sauce which are undoubtedly cooked using the rare crack variety of string bean.

After our bean and appetizer feast, we ambled back to Faye’s to digest before watching this week’s horror film. Faye and I had been craving cigars, so I bought a pack of Blackwoods and we smoked them on her porch while listening to the CD of 70’s and 80’s love ballads that Elyse made for me. FANtastic.

After Borgia arrived, and we put in “The Hills Have Eyes”. This is one of those movies that everyone and their dog seem to put on their top ten horror movies list. And, you know, it wasn’t that bad…until the end where it just…ENDS with no warning or dénouement. It was entirely abrupt and frustrating. Borgia checked IMDB to see if, maybe, they were shooting IN sequence and ran out of money at precisely that point, but he could find no such evidence. It just ends right in the middle of a scene. Weird. Ok.

And then it was time to pick up Dom from the airport! We foolishly didn’t check arrival times before leaving so we didn’t know that the flight was delayed, apparently due to quite a bit of turbulence. Fun for Dom! When we finally picked him up, Faye and I at least, were pretty beat, so she dropped me and Dom off at home.


Spent most of the day watching TV on account of a UTI. Lovely. At least I’m all caught up on my Smallville (two seconds of screen time does not, a James Marsters guest appearance make) and as caught up as once can be on Battlestar Galactica (which, I realized while watching Lost recently, may have its problems, but it’s definitely the best scripted drama on TV right now). Faye, I have some VCD’s for you to borrow.


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